Saturday, 5 February 2011

Better late...

...than never.

The lovely Debbie sent me this award back in January. I can't believe how naughty I've been by not responding until now - sorry Debbie **hangs head in shame**
My excuse for being so tardy - if there can be an excuse - is that I have to share with you 8 things about myself before sharing this with 4 other bloggers. Umm, 8 things about me...tough one...

1. Jamie Leigh-Curtis and I were born on the same day (there - that has let the cat out of the bag for those that have just dashed off to google). Can I say, she has worn much better than me but then she can afford to do so...LOL
2. There seems to be something about my birthday - JFK was killed on it, C S Lewis died on it and the Iron Lady Maggie Thatcher resigned on it.
3. I have a bit of an obsession about my cutlery drawer in the kitchen - each type of item MUST be in the right compartment and they MUST be facing the right sad is that!
4. I love to see snow, I love to take photos of snow, I have snow pictures in my home BUT I hate going out in the stuff.
5. I love 'proper' dogs - reasonable size dogs...I am not one for those little handbag size things.
6. I am not a 'cat person' unless of course we are talking - lions, tigers, pumas etc.
7. Growing-up I attended a dance school and I would watch all the old musicals so that I could watch the dancers (I still adore musicals). In one musical the leading lady character would be bought an elephant ornament by her husband as a good luck charm for her opening nights - they called them 'Polliwashes' a name that stuck and I still think of elephants as polliwashes.
8. My ancestry is a European mix of French & German (great grandparents on father's side - German; something like great, great, great grandpartents on mother's side - French) sadly I speak neither language although I can manage a smattering of school-girl French LOL

Well that certainly took some thinking about **snigger**

Now I have to nominate 4 other bloggers to share in this award: -


I would willingly nominate more as there are so many fab blogs out there but with my super skill at 'linky things' (NOT) I'd be here forever & a day LOL so can I just say...I may not have nominated you but that doesn't mean that I don't think your blog is fabulous and I will continue to spend faaaaaaaar too much time blopping around cyberspace................................


Sandra said...

How lovely getting to know you better. I'm with you on the love of snow :)

Sandra said...

oh me again ... don't worry I won't google your age LOL. As you know, I'm 23 ... always!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! *Paula pats her new award and smiles*
I´m with you on the drawer front. :D

Winnie said...

It's great to learn more about you. :D I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed with my cutlery drawer too. LOL