Sunday, 13 February 2011

Something I haven't done for a while...

...sit down and read a book.

I think the last book I actually sat and read was the last of the Harry Potters - so you can's been a while.

Last weekend, Mum had a new Barbara Erskine book on audio from the library - I love this author and her style of writing. Mum offered to lend me the audio book but they just send me to sleep LOL
On Monday I popped into WHS before going to my Hougie class and they had the paperback at half price as one of their books of the week (if you don't enjoy, you can take back & get a refund, deal).

I didn't get a chance to start on it until Thursday but now I'm finding it hard to put down.

I actually have another two of this author's books that have been sitting on the bookshelf. Perhaps now I'm back in the swing of this reading lark, I might actually get around to reading them LOL

Not a lot of crafting going on at the moment but I am really enjoying just chilling out with a very good book.................................


Claireliz said...

I haven't picked up a book in over a week & I'm getting withdrawal symptoms, happy reading

Sandra said...

one of the personal challenges I set myself this year was to read more books .. and not craft books. So I joined a book club at the local library, and I'm loving it .. it's a little book club, where we can actually take our craft projects to work on, so I'm hoping to get into knitting and crochet more too :) .. maybe it's something you could look for, or even start one yourself.

Kerryanne English said...

I adore Barbare Erskine's style of writing too Toni and have read and re-read The Lady of Hay many times over the years.
Soudns like you are enjoying this book - I'll have to to look out for it.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Mini said...

Me too with the loss of reading mojo! You've given me the push to pick up a book. Thank you!
Sue x

Tracie H said...

Im off to town later - I'll pop in to Smiths and see I can grab me a copy as I love a good read.

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni, i read a lot but not seen this one before, sounds good. i shall have to look out for it
hugs June