Sunday, 20 February 2011

Why, oh why... I so dis-organised?
Tomorrow I am attending a Watercolour class at Pinnacle Crafts and whilst I know that all the materials will be provided, Pauline did mention that it might be easier/quicker if folk had their own pencils and brought them along...that way there wouldn't be the unavoidable wait whilst everyone 'shares'.

I have my own box of Inktense pencils but I have spent most of today hunting high & low trying to find them **grrrrrrrrr**. I was so certain I knew where they were but of course they weren't...

I did manage to find one of my Cricut carts **Andy you are spooky - how did you know one of my carts would be "Speaking of Fall" - even I couldn't remember what carts I've got**

After searching all the places I thought my pencils would be I decided on a different tack - look for the stuff I use when using the pencils i.e. the foam board that I pin the paper to so that the paper doesn't wrinkle too much when wet...found that at first look in a bag behind the sofa and guess what was tucked in the bag next to it - yep, my tin of pencils...panic over.

I really must save some money and get some storage units for my craftroom this year so that I can finally get a bit of organisation where my stash is concerned.............


Kerryanne English said...

Don't you hate that!!!
I believe having a well organised workroom is fundamental in being creative - or at least, that's what works for me.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Debsg said...

I so need to be well organised. I can't find the things I need!

Winnie said...

Oh dear! Sounds just like me! Glad you found them though. Very clever idea to go looking for the accompanying items! LOL