Monday, 28 February 2011

Not an ideal environment...

...for reading.

I decided that as I had already read Lady of Hay the extra chapter could wait and I really should read the two books that I hadn't started upon. So I made a start on The Warrior's Princess.
One of the main problems I have with trying to read books is "when & where". As a commuter it would make sense to utilize that time traveling to and from work on public transport...not as easy as it sounds.

Last week with it being Half-term the trains were rather busy with folk taking their children on trips to London. So unless I was able to get a seat it wasn't really ideal trying to enjoy the story that was unfolding in my latest read. However, today wasn't much better. Folk that had taken time off to be with the kids were now back at work so the trains were just as packed. Hopefully things will settle down and I'll be able to get into my book more comfortably...........................

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