Thursday, 17 February 2011

New read...

...sort of!

I really enjoyed reading Barbara Erskine's book "Time Legacy" - I had forgotten just how much I love her books so it was really great that the first book I have read in ages was one of hers.
Probably her best known novel is "Lady of Hay" and I dread to think just how long ago I read it but that was what got me hooked on her books. I have in fact read all but two of her books now (I have both - just need to get around to starting on them). "Daughters of Fire" I have in hardback so that will be read at home as it is too heavy to lug backwards & forwards to work - as well as the fact that I don't want it spoiled. "The Warrior's Princess" I have in paperback but for the life of me I can't find where I put it so I need to have a search around for that...I obviously put it somewhere safe LOL
Today whilst in WHS picking up the latest Papercraft Inspirations, I noticed that they had a 25th Anniversary edition of Lady of Hay...which apparently contains an addition to the story. So I now have a copy of this and will be making a start on it tomorrow. It will be like revisiting an old friend but finding out something new...

I love books, whether they be paperback or hard bound and I can't bear to part with them as I was brought up to think of books as something to treasure and look after. It makes me squirm to see folk folding back the corners of pages and I used to get so angry if I had books from the library where folk had written in them or torn pages out. I have pretty bookmarks to keep my place and if there is a page that I want to keep I ask the library to copy it for only costs a few pence and does no damage to the book so doesn't prevent others from gaining enjoyment from it.

As a child I would spend hours in the library - sitting on the floor reading the books before deciding which ones to book out to take home. I had Ladybird books that my parents bought me and I would spend ages sorting them into their sets and arranging them on the bookshelves in the correct order.

Now I have shelves in the study crammed with books and more shelves in the bedrooms housing others. My reading choices can be quite varied from Mary Stewart to Kathy Riechs, David Hewson to Dan Brown, Brian Jacques to Wilbur Smith - it doesn't really matter as long as the story is good.

I am so glad I decided to sit down with a book again.............................


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

hmmmm I will look out for her books,
Julie xx

Ruthie said...

Whoop whoop - love it when people talk about books with passion! GO You!

If you get a little chance - would you please post this up on our facebook reading group? Its "havering reading group"...if you want to put it up there, but arent registered on FB, just drop me a message and I will post it up for you!

Thanks hun


Allison said...

love books too but more the blood, gore and scary stuff!
have a good weekend

Claireliz said...

I love sitting down with a good book, in fact I think that's what I'll do in a minute

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I´ll check the local library. I scribbled all the authors you named. :)