Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas trees...


Except at home.

The trees at work went up on 30 November...
...lots of small trees rather than one large one as we don't have the floor space to site a big tree. However, we can normally find some space on top of a cabinet for a few.

Julia (Stamping Ground) shared photos of her lovely little tree - a real one - all decorated and ready for the big day.

Earlier in the month when I went to a meeting in central London, I noticed that the disused platform at the Barbican tube station had trees in all the arched alcoves.

The plaza in Stratford has its huge great tree and Stanford-le-Hope has its small trees dotted around the town centre and the large tree on 'The Green'.

At chez moi - nothing.

I really must get a move on or the holidays will have been & gone..........................................


Virginia said...

ah bless you, I think it's one of the reasons why I put mine up so early if I'm honest!

Redanne said...

Your work trees are beautiful Toni, I hope that you manage to get one up at home soon. xx