Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's Sunday...

...on the last weekend before Christmas.

After a week that has been horrid and fabulous - Santa arrived early.

Last weekend, the Spectrum Noir Sparkle pens arrived at Pinnacle Crafts but only in the blister packs. I umm'd & arr'd about getting some as I so wanted to have a play with some of the colours and was soooooooooooooooo tempted to throw a few of the packs into my basket. Andy (Pearson) said that he'd had a bit of a play with the Autumn shades and having seen the resulting sheen on the colours, my hands were itching to grab some of the packs. Sanity won when Andy said the boxed sets were due any day - I placed a 'pre-order' and was intending to be very good (unfortunately, one blister pack was determined to jump into my basket **rolls-eyes** so I had no choice other than to bring it home with me **chuckle**).

So this week started with me having had a bit of a play - the colours are lovely - but then it was pretty much down hill from there.

C2C (rail) introduced their new timetable and chaos broke-out on the network. Unhappy, frustrated commuters at the end of busy working days let C2C know in no uncertain terms that whoever came up with the new timetable and service allocation was a complete IDIOT and by Wednesday some amendments were announced. A good thing you would think? After all, the company were listening to its customers? Nah, after their tinkering, I have even less choice of services to get me home and now have to mess around chopping & changing trains as the only services that would take me all the way home no longer stop at the station I use for my homeward journey.

Coughs, colds & flu have hit the office which meant that our team meal was much smaller that had been planned for but the food was great. Everyone had a good time and it was a break from the office. Downside is, I now have a cold coming and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't develop into a full-blown chesty cough just in time for Christmas.

So needless to say, I was feeling a little grumpy when I set off to Barleylands yesterday. However, things soon brightened up as the boxed Sparkles had arrived at Pinnacles...
 ...lots and lots of lovely new pens to play with...
...over the Christmas holiday. They are out of the cellophane but I haven't actually opened the boxes yet - the 3 pens are from the blister pack that just had to come home with me last week LOL.

Today is Sunday and I have actually managed to have a bit of a lay-in. Something that I was very much in need of after a rollercoaster of a week.

The rail service is!
Mum's new door is finally installed...yah!
Winter coughs &!
Super friendly/helpful staff & friends at the craft village...yah!
Poor restaurant services at the craft!
New goodies to play with...Yipee!!!

Just 3 days to go before I start my Christmas break - I can't wait.....................................................

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Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my, You have had a Roller coaster of a week haven't you!!!!
I do hope you feel better soon and I'd say you deserve some play time this weekend.
Enjoy those new pens!
Have a Wonderful Christmas Toni.
Hugs Lynn