Saturday, 26 December 2015

So what did Santa...

...bring you this year?

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and if you are lucky enough to have some holiday time, I hope you are able to spend it how you wish and with the folk you wish to be with.

My main present arrived early and I've already shared photos with you - my set of Spectrum Noir Sparkle pens. I love the sheen that these pens give and will be looking forward to having a play over the holiday period.

I was very lucky this year because in addition to my pens I also received lots of lovely candles, chocolates, books, CDs, wine and this... is a Sentiment bracelet - part of the 'Pure' range from Coppercraft. This was from my Mum. The sentiment appears on all four bars of the bracelet and the edges of the bars have a lovely scroll etching along them. The beads are Jade which is a stone that I love - Thank you Mum.

The usual family phone calls took place between those that couldn't be together on the day. The call to my sister was hilarious as all you could hear in the background was a lot of high pitched squeaking - that was my fault as I had bought her dog a selection of toys with squeakers in. My sister said that Lexi couldn't make up her mind what to play with so she was running in circles around the lounge jumping on all of them. Kiya the cat was being rather more refined and just sitting there giving one of her toys the occasional pat LOL

I hope you all received some lovely goodies.

I will not be hitting the sales. In fact, I will be trying to keep as far away from them as possible - I just can't be doing with all those crowds.

I intend to spend a lazy day today. The TV will be on in the background and I'll have some knitting to play with. Mum & I will also be tucking into the leftover meats from Christmas.

Have a lovely day folks.................................................................


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Beautoful bracelet, love seeing what people get. We had a lovely lazy day, just the two of us. Went to have a look round a retail park at sofas as we want a new one, not too busy, think the sales staff were glad to see us. Then to Hobbycraft to spend a voucher, again quiet. First time I have ever shopped on Boxing Day, good to have a walk and get some fresh air. Enjoy your day x

Virginia said...

Oh that bracelet is beautiful. You sound like me avoid those crowds at all costs. We had a PJ day yesterday off to my mums today

aussie aNNie said...

Beautiful bracelet Toni. We had a quiet Christmas just the two of us as all our families are in other parts of Australia, too far to all get together. Our gift to each other was our vacation to New Zealand which we loved...take

Crafty She said...

Beautiful bracelet. Not looking forward to the crowds at work tomorrow...I'm just thankful that I've missed the first I'm not working today. John Lewis will be a bit frantic in the morning!!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas...I was very lucky and got lots of chocolate and crafty pressies!! xxxx

sue jones said...

Looking forward to seeing those pens in action. Such a beautiful bracelet - if i "do" any sales, it will be online :) have a lovely restful day xxx

Stef H said...

o girl, sounds like your christmas was just what you wanted. i hope 2016 is filled with much happiness, good health, $$$$$ as needed and many blessings.

thank you for your visits throughout the year and the smiles you always put on my face.

hugs to you and yours!

aussie aNNie said...

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and a great crafting one ahead.xx {aNNie}