Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Thank you all...

...for your positive thoughts.

The Trading Standards Officer was a treasure - he turned up well before the builder was due so that he could take a good look at all the work done and have a chat with Mum. He reassured her and also told her some do's & don'ts when it comes to having work done.

Photos were taken and he agreed that the costing was way over the top. He also had concerns about some of the work that had been done - whilst not awful, it certainly isn't the best (especially considering the price quoted). He felt that what had already been paid was more than enough to cover the job.

The good news was that the "Invoice" that Mum had signed wasn't legally binding because it did not meet legal requirements concerning information that it is required by law to contain.

The up-shot was that after the TSO talked to the builders they wanted to renegotiate the price but it was felt all round to cut our losses and get them to leave - during the 15 mins or so that the builders had been there (whilst the TSO had popped back to his office) they had been touting for 3 other jobs.

They will be facing further action from Trading Standards and a few other Government Departments.

Left with a gaping hole at the end of her extension I phoned her neighbour (a plumber) to ask if he could recommend someone to come and board up & make secure. Bless him, he came round, took some measurements, went and got some wood and did it himself.

In the meantime, I phoned the company who installed Mum's windows last year and asked if they could give us a quote for a door to fill the hole. They sent the guy who had dealt with Mum last year round within an hour and even with this cost it will come to less than half of what the builders were asking.

The surveyor will be there Friday to take accurate measurements and ensure that the work can actually be done and all being well, installation will take place on 17 December.

So once again folks - thank you for your positive thoughts................................................


Redanne said...

It sounds like a great outcome Toni, well done you! xxx

Virginia said...

Toni out of awful circumstances this sounds like the best outcome there could be - so relieved you made such good progress hun and hopefully it will take some of the stress of your Mum - well done you for being so decisive in your action!

Much love

Stef H said...

that's just awful taking advantage of us old folk. good for you in having a good gut feeling and getting it straightened out!

hugs :)

Wendy said...

So glad you got a positive result :-)