Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Cybercrops should come with a... warning (LOL).

The next UKScrappers cybercrop starts on 5th October and I decided to register my participation this time. I've dabbled in the last couple of events and completed some of the classes (many of the instructions are stored safely in my "must get round to do" folder for when I get some time to fit them in - time?, no, no, no...don't even go there...) but this time I thought I would sign-up and be a part of the thing.

Okay, yes, I know - Mad as a Hatter - I hear you all say.

Just when am I going to fit this all in? well the blurb reliably informed me that this CC would be a little more layed-back, less frantic, as it is spread over a longer period - 3 weekends instead of just one. Well, that's what I was told....:o)

I registered at the weekend (I am now a member of the Party Puddings) and decided I would use the time in the run-up to the CC to find my way around cyber space - Monday I put myself up for adoption.

For those of you who CC or just visit UKS on a regular basis you will know that new cybercropers can get themselves adopted by an exprienced participant so that they have a single point of contact should they need help with any of the rules or wizzy-stuff. So, I've been duly adopted and my CC mum is CraftyPrincess - I'm sure she doesn't know what she has let herself in for, ROFLOL.

So, there I've been - browsing my way around the CC threads on the website and I'm cream crackered - I haven't scrapped a thing yet but I'm exhausted just trying to keep-up with all the chat and what is happening in the various worlds of my fellow puddings...

I'm told things will slow down once the classes start as everyone will be tooooooo busy to chat ??? I do hope so otherwise I'm going to be worn to a frazzel before we even get started.

Think I need to stock-up on essentials not more, coffee, coffee and perhaps some more COFFEE! I might then have a chance of staying awake long enough to fit everything in **I did say "might" **

In the meantime I really should get ready for workzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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