Friday, 7 September 2007

I promised... introduce you all to Alfred and Barty. Here they are...
I did them both at the ceramic painting class that I used to attend. Alfred is in standing (blue) and Barty is lazing with a book (green).
I fully intended to create a whole family of "Gonelfs" (I wasn't quite sure if they were gnomes or elderly and would have worked my way through the alphabet for names. But after making a few as presents for friends and colleagues the novelty started to wear off and costs were also starting to rise. family consists of Alfred & Barty.
They have a nice sunny part of the garden **when the sun shines, that is** and they have their very own tree-stump :o) They seem to be quite happy and they have a good crop of toadstools (not real...) They are also very 'green' and have their own solar lights.
There may come a time when I can add to the family but in the mean-time, Alfred & Barty seem quite happy to just enjoy each others company...

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