Sunday, 23 September 2007

Is it really...

...TWO weeks since my last post?

Can't say it has been the best two weeks of my life :o(

The worst bit was Saturday 15th.

After the usual Saturday stuff - quick wizz round to get the shopping, over to Mum's to make sure she was okay and sort out any bits-n-pieces that she needed doing, back home, strip the beds and freshly make them, get the washing done ready for pegging out first thing in the morning (weather permitting) - I finally got to sit down in front of the TV for a while (the remote was all mine coz DH was on nights, lol).

Nothing that riveting on the box and between 11 & 11.30pm I found myself dozing so common sense said 'time for bed', and that's when it happened...

BANG, CRASH, and the sound of smashing glass.

As our lounge is at the back of the house I wasn't completely sure whether it was outside the front or actually the front of our property so I went to look...

Turning the hall light on I saw broken glass all over the carpet and a gaping hole where the window in the door had been - the front gate was wide open (I'd closed it earlier in the evening) but there was no sign of anyone.

Not being a '999' situation I phoned hubby who duly came home from work to secure the hole.

Our dining room is at the front and not knowing if DH would come in the front way or via the rear drive I kept watch for him. During the 20 mins it took him to get home a police car cruised the street 3 or 4 times (??????????).

After we had cleared the glass I left DH to board the hole whilst I phoned the local police to report the incident and to find out if there was a problem in the area - cruising police car? - but the crime desk seemed un-aware and just took the details of what had happened. They said someone would be in-touch...

DH returned to work and now being completely awake I waited in case the police made contact - I should've know better. By 2.30am, I took myself off to bed. The police car had made a couple of passes again but there was never any hint that it might stop.

So, when did the police make contact? 9.46pm on Wednesday 19th.

I was told that there was little point in an officer coming out to see me as there wouldn't be any chance of getting any suitable finger-prints (doh, four days later, house on main road, daily postal deliveries...I think I could have worked that one out for myself).

Still, this week has ended on a brighter note :o)

Caroline (she of the oh so scrummy cupcakes, mmmmmm) had something published in the latest Scrapbook Inspirations **anyone else noticed that there wasn't a freebie with the mag this month** a book full of mini books suitably scrapped to show off her favourite cake pics and recipes - well done Caroline.

Nicola also had her 'take' on the book of books published - her theme was a year of her boys.

John at Artbase has been creating again and has come up with a super Gingerbread boardbook. Margaret's stunning decorating of the book can be seen on the Artbase site or on UK Scrappers (nooooooo, don't ask for a link within this text - you should know by now that links and me don't go together...haha). I have a Gingerbread house and I am looking forward to getting stuck in...

The countdown has also begun for the UK Scrappers next cybercrop - starts 5th Oct. I have registered this time and am a Party Pudding member although I'm not sure that I will actually get much of a chance to spend a decent amount of time cybercropping...I can but dream.

There are loads of classes so even if I don't get to do everything I want during the crop I'll make sure that I download the instructions so I can do the stuff later. I will be doing the Artbase class (I've had a sneeky peek and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW) and I will try my best to fit in some of the others.

The materials lists have been published so I think I'll have a rummage in my stash to see if I've got suitable stuff for the classes that haven't got kits available. Off to start rummaging, I could be some time...........

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