Friday, 7 September 2007

You might have noticed...

...I've been taking photos.

Why...........cos I've got a new camera. My very own little digital wonder.

It's not one of these super-duper things like the ones used by Cheryl Johnson or Kirsty Wiseman but it is fine for me. It takes piccies up to 7.2 mega pixel quality, has 3 x zoom and a great little function called Advanced shake reduction (boy does it make a difference to the clarity of the pics).

I had a bit of a play one Sunday evening cos I just love sunsets and was really rather pleased with the results.

It is a lovely little camera and it didn't cost loooooooooooooads of dosh (I just couldn't justify that sort of expense) it was on special offer at Argos and I had a voucher to spend so it cost even less, yeh!!! don't you just love a bargain. Even better, the gadget-mad lads at work have been great with providing info about reasonable sorces for memory cards and bargain to-date, USB memory card reader £1 from Poundland. It is all soooooo easy now to stick the memory card in the reader, plug it into the PC and away I go.

Can't see me ever being "David Bailey" or "Lord Snowdon", lol, but I'm having a lot of fun and the results ain't too shabby either..........

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