Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Another craft...

...that I dabble in - crochet.

I can just about follow a crochet pattern and I have made fancy doilies and the like but when I get the crochet hook out it mainly tends to be to create blankets, squares...the simple stuff.

I recently bought some lovely soft lavender DK yarn and thought I would crochet a cushion cover with it. Whilst the yarn is lovely, it is not ideal for crochet as it splits very easily whilst working making it quite difficult to build-up any kind of speed.
However, it is creating a lovely soft finish...just means it will take a bit longer.

I also found some lovely assorted fibres that I want to incorporate but I haven't made up my mind yet whether I will crochet them as part of the construction or add them after as decoration - will need to give this some thought.
In the meantime, this is something that I can sit in front of the TV and and pick up from time to time just as something to do..................................


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Looking great, I am naf with needles lol

sutty said...

It looks fab Toni, the wools are gorgeous and the fibres too - love the colours.


Claireliz said...

Oh thats pretty, I've only tried crochet once, but I love how fast it grows compared to knitting. I really want to play with it more when I've got more time.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh its lovely, i bought a crochet needle last year but didnt quite get the hang of it. Maybe i will try again sometime. love what you are doing.
Toni i also wanted to say thank you for your kind and caring words and support for me this last couple of weeks, it means a lot to me and has helped me get through some tough days. thank you my friend
big hugs from June x

Ruthie said...

Hiya hun - cant wait to see what you do with the other yarn! hope you are well!