Sunday, 20 March 2011

Up for grabs...

...a surprise freebie.

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On 22 Feb 2011 I announced that there had been more than 10,000 visits to this blog. Since that post I'm now up to over 11,000 so I thought it was time to get my act together and sort out a freebie to celebrate.
I have decided that the freebie is going to consist of some surprise goodies...there will be a mug hug, some decoupage and some other bits of stash.

So how can you get yourself included in the draw...simples.

1. 10,000 is a big number any day of the week but just think what could be done with £10,000...if you were to come into that kind of a windfall what would you spend it on. Leave a comment on this post sharing with us how you would spend £10k Just one post per person please

2. You could have a second chance at winning if you include a link to this post on your blog.

3. You could earn yourself a third entry in the draw if you feel that you would like to follow this blog.

So to go in the draw you must do "1" get extra chances you can additionally do "2" & "3".

This post will be fixed at the top of the blog until Sunday 20 March at which time a name will be pulled out of the hat (have to find a different hat this time LOL)

Go on - Let's hear what you would spend £10k on if you were lucky enough to have that sort of windfall......................................


Gina said...

You probably have even more visitors if you have others , like me, who follow you through google reader. I have such a bad connection it is the only way I can follow my blogs!

10k, well I need a new kitchen and bathroom or maybe a new car or a new roof, I'd have no trouble spending it lol

voodoo vixen said...

Ooooh, 10K in Pounds!! Now that would be even more in Canadian $'s so I would have the wee mannies pop down to the basement and make a spare bedroom but still leave me enough space for my scrap room... I am expecting a couple of visitors this summer and only have one spare bedroom...

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Congrats on the milestone. Personally at the moment at 10k windfall would really help the budget and take pressure off me finding a job. Would also take a nice holiday where all the family could be treated :)

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm assumming this is close to $10,000 dollars? I would use it to pay my Dr bills, although this still wouldn't be enough. LOL
but would put a good dent in it!
hugs Lynn

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Easy! I´d go visit you, craft shop till we dropped (yes, I´m sharing ;) ) and then crop & chat live. :D

Dezinaworld said...

Hi Toni,
I just popped by to say thank you for your support with my dad being ill.You are so kind.
Congrats on this huge blogging milestone too ....
as for that amount of money ?
I think i would share it with family
to spend a little on themselves on something to bring a smile.
hugs June xx

Tracie H said...

Congrats on reaching the milestone.

£10K would just about cover the cost of building a dedicated scraproom - Im using the conservatory but want a proper room!

Mini said...

£10K? Oooh I'd spend a bit, save a bit, share a bit!
Sue x

Virginia said...

Ooh decisions decisions, I'd sort the front of my house out - drive, fencing, garden etc, blocked paved drive, ornate fencing landscaped garden, space for the two cars - ooh bliss - if only!

Jules said...

£10k? That would be wonderful thank you! The first thing I do would be to book me and my Mum on a crafty retreat somewhere :D As for the rest, it would make a lovely dent in our mortgage!

Claireliz said...

Oooh £10k I could do so much with that. I'd decorate DD's bedroom princess style, then do up the rest of the house. I'd also take the whole family out for a meal.

Allison said...

oooh lots to spend that on Toni
starting with newer car, some work to the garden, new craft goodies, new outfit, chocolate, more chocolate couple of light bulbs seeing as these ones have just went out!!!! wine and a new hairdo

Maz said...

10K, now then I would extend my shop and employ a couple of people to help me out as I am getting busier by the day, I would also treat everyone of my 28 Grandchildren to a trip to euro Disney as they would all love to go.
Congratulations on your milestone and Thanks for always taking the time to leave me a ciomment
Maz. x