Saturday, 12 March 2011

I occasionally...

...get things finished, framed and hung up (although not as often as I should).

Sorry about the quality of the pics and the camera glare but I wanted to let you see that I do get some of my stitching finished and actually up on the wall LOL
This was a kit that was bought for me as a birthday present...many, many moons ago. I was pretty quick at getting it stitched but not so quick at getting it framed & hung.
This was a complete kit i.e. it came with a mount to help finish the project off - unfortunately the mount was very 'fussy' and didn't go with the colour scheme of the room where I wanted to hang it. As a result, finished stitching got put away. The silly thing was I had bought a lot of mounts and frames from a local frame shop and if I had taken the time to go through them properly I'd have found this green mount - but I didn't so never mind. It wasn't until I was looking for a mount to go round the school photo of my niece that I finally found that I could have hung this piece much sooner.
The stitching on this piece is cross stitch with some backstitch to bring definition...but the bit that took the longest was all the french knots on lots of the flowers. These took ages but I'm glad I stuck with it as when I finally framed the piece they really gave additional texture to the work.

I have had this framed and on the wall for a while now but I have been re-arranging my pictures in the lounge and I now have this hung by the lounge door where it is more noticeable. It has made me realise that I don't have many of my stitched pieces up on the wall so I think this is something that I will have to address.

If I can find suitable frames you may see some more pieces on here - well you never know, miracles do happen LOL..............................


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Its lovely :D
French knots are on a par withn tweeding!! an absolute pain LOL


Sandra said...

What a talented woman you are :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Darling stitched piece. I think you should do an entire wall of your stitching, Would really make a statement!!! If you do share pictures!!!
Hugs Lynn

Claireliz said...

That's really lovely Toni.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful, very clever