Tuesday, 13 September 2011


...Banks, ATMs & Powercuts!!!

Excuse me whilst I let off steam. Picture this...

I'm walking home from the station after not the best of journeys - trains packed with folk who have been to the new Westfield shopping centre in East London (I gave that a miss as the place was simply heaving) - popped into Tesco to get a few bits and it took 'forever' to get out again because of huge queues. Was going to draw some cash from the ATM but there was a queue **rollseyes** so headed home. I have to pass the Nationwide and the person using the ATM was just finishing so thought "oh good". Checked balance - fine - another service? - yep - cash (entered amount) hit 'enter' and the power went.

There I am standing at a dead ATM that has just eaten my card and not even any money to show for it.

Phone call to the number shown by ATM - get transferred to the call centre for my bank - explain what has happened. Before we can go any further I have to be taken through the security procedures...okay, I know this is for my security but the last time I needed to phone my bank was 3-4 years ago so how the heck am I supposed to remember what the password is...I'm stuck in front of an ATM that has come back to life enough to flash "Not in service" in the gathering dusk, trying to juggle a handbag, mobile phone and two bags of ain't gonna happen.

What's the alternative, they can phone me on my home phone and we can try the security bit again - 15 mins to walk home...umm, call centre will be closed by then.

We discuss some other possibilities...I asked them to confirm was it a password or passnumber they wanted - word - inspiration struck - answered the questions - CORRECT - now need passnumber...luckily they asked for the digits I could remember so all was fine.

Card cancelled - new card ordered - how long to arrive - 7-10 days WHAT!!! How am I supposed to get money out until then...arrangements can be made at my local NatWest or RBS for cashing facilities - sounds fine - one small problem - no local RBS and they closed our NatWest.

"You have a VISA card"...yep but it hasn't been activated because I didn't ask for it and I didn't want a credit card - "It's not a credit card it is a charge card, you can draw money out but you will be charged" - whatever! - it's not activated and I don't have a PIN for it as the PIN was never sent - "Oh, we can activate it now & I can get a PIN reminder(???)out to you" - how long? - 3-5 days...starting to fume.

What about the £30 the machine was about to give me before the powercut?...I never got it. "Oh yes, the transaction is showing on your account"...and?..."well the money might revert to the account once the ATM has fully rebooted or if not we will have to lodge a dispute"...I didn't even ask how long that was likely to take.

So I have no cashcard for the next 10 days. I have an active VISA card that I can't use until I get a PIN...and I'm £30 out of pocket at the moment along with what is likely to be a rather expensive mobile phone charge. What a great way to end the day.....................................


Choccy said...

Oh my !!! I should of read this blog entry first ..
Yep our challenge must of been named with what you in mind !! Well what you would of been thinking about the person at your bank !! Dont think we could call a challenge that though LOL..
Could they not make provisions for you to go into the bank and withdraw some money ? Them taking 7-10 days to post a new card is crazy !!
Not a good day !! Sending you hugs
Choccy xx

The Crafty Elf said...

Isn't technology wonderful? NOT! Having been an Assistant Branch Manager at a don't want to upset the people banking at your branch. Even though it's the stupid technology....people are so upset they take it out on the bank staff. I get it though! It's so frustrating and upsetting because MONEY makes the world go around. You work so hard for it and you can't survive without it and once technology messes up all the tools (bank/credit cards) you need to survive! Stop the insanity!!!!!

I feel your pain my dear friend!

Lynn Stevens said...

Don't you just love banks? NOT...
I hope you get everything sorted out soon.
I hate those debit cards anyway! I think the government wants us all to do away with cash all together.
Just so they know what we are all doing!
hugs Lynn

Kerryanne English said...

Well Toni... not sure this will make you feel any better, but banks seem to be the same all around the world. Have had a similar thing happen here in Australia. Some days we shouldn't even get out of bed!!
Hope all is well now.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne