Saturday, 3 September 2011

What do you do with...

...all your 'makes'?

That was the question Annette West (Voodoo Vixen) asked when she left a lovely comment recently.

You might remember this - pics I took on 31 July 11. These were just the cards that I had made since I started taking part in challenges and as could be clearly seen - I needed a bigger basket LOL
This is the basket I had and to give you an idea of size, the card sat on the corner is a 6x6 sq.

Well I got a bigger basket and it is more than double the size of the first one...
...but that hasn't lasted long LOL...things are starting to overflow already.
You can see from this shot that there are quite a few cards in there.

What do you do?

Do you only enter challenges/make items that will provide you with a finished item for a specific event/occasion or are you like me - I like to enter challenges to see what I can come up with given the criteria set and this often involves trying something aspect of crafting that I always love to try.

One of the reasons I don't often put sentiments on or in my cards is so that I can customise them when I come to use them. However, I know that there are a lot of cards that I have made over recent weeks that I will struggle to part with and I would find it hard to give some of these cards to folk who I know wouldn't really appreciate them.

Should I sell them?

Easier said than done - where would I start? I don't tend to sell my cards because I just don't know what to charge for them and would folk be willing to pay when they can pop down to the local branch of 'Card Factory' and get 10 for £1. Yes I know, there is a big difference between the two but are folk willing to fork out for that difference. Then there would be the worry that folk wouldn't think them good enough for what was being asked.

So what do you you make just for a specific purpose, do you sell...or are you like me...growing your own craft mountain of finished cards and fast running out of storage for them..............................


sutty said...

Wow - you've made loads :) I am definately taking your tip of not adding the I seem to have a pile of cards without the right words on to be able to give to people. Can't help much with the what to do with the cards as I scrap lots so that I can keep most of it :D but then I am a bit of a hoarder!

Sue said...

I had to go out and buy a similar box. Theres about 70 cards in there now! I work in a school and thought I might ask if I can sell them in the staff room - maybe putting some of it towards a charity. Some of my friends have etsy stores that they sell on .

Claire said...

I make for challenges..and I am like you, I have lots of cards sat in bags doing nothing... but it keeps us happy, selling would be a good idea, but like you say people won't pay for them.. Sooner or later they will get used as people have birthdays etc and you know you have the perfect card already made sat in your basket. Christmas cards arr different I don't think we can ever make enough !!!

Kim Dellow said...

I have boxes of cards! I try to sort though my older cards and recycle them from time to time. When I have the energy I put them up on Etsy/Folsky. But they don't really shift. I've given some to charity before.

It is tricky finding a good outlet for them! Hope you find one! Kim

voodoo vixen said...

Good grief Toni!! I sort of figured there might be a pile of them on a corner of your desk but I had no idea there would be this sort of mountain sitting about!!
Maybe donate some to you favourite charity? I am quite sure you could sell them buts its whether you would want the hassle...

Hazel said...

I do sell mine, but it took me quite a while before I began to feel they were good enough for people to pay money for. You have loads and I'm sure a charity would love some of them. I've thought of etsy but not looked into it TBH. As long as I make enough to pay for my stash thats the main thing,
H xx

Ruthie said...

Hiya love

Just catching up with some blogs!

I have the same problem - keep making the darn things! I have given some to the local twinning association to sell at a fayre, so that got rid of heaps.

I have asked my mum if her friend wants some to sell at her church - so more will go that way.

And of course, I give them away!

I dont have the energy to be doing craft fayres etc and am too "shy" to sell them at work. I would be too miffed if people didnt want to buy them!

I do consider Etsy - so think I might need to look into that one sometime soon

Your stuff is so great, you should defo sell them!


Virginia said...

Hi Toni

that is an awesome pile of cards, I did wonder what you did with them, I only make cards to give and I'm definitely no card maker (unlike yourself who is ubber talented) so I only make a batch when I need to and I only ever use scraps which is probably why mine leave quite a lot to be desired.