Sunday, 9 October 2011

It's Sunday... have you spent your day?

I've spent mine getting a numb-bum **giggle** sorry, I don't know of any other way of putting it LOL

I was up lie-in for me today as I didn't want to be late...I wanted to get a seat rather than try and peer over the heads of those lucky enough to be seated. Seated for what I can hear you ask...a Lindsay Mason demo day (visit her blog here).

The folk over at Pinnacle Crafts had arranged for Lindsay to visit and demo her skills - lots of inkiness and some fabulous creations.

Pinnacles have had previous free demo days which have always been well attended but I've never managed to be there early enough to get a seat or a good view so ended up with a stiff neck and back-ache. This time I was there before the doors opened and I got a seat at the front so I had a clear view of everything that was being done.

Some of you may know Lindsay from her appearances on QVC or possibly you've been lucky enough to attend one of her workshops. She is a lovely lady and was only too glad to repeat a technique or answer a question at any point during her demo.

I sat glued to my seat from 10am until 3pm and enjoyed every moment of it...apart from the numb-bum bit. There is only so much wriggling, crossing & un-crossing of legs that you can do on a squeaky chair without becoming a pest LOL

Lindsay shared a number of tips and ideas that I will be trying out in due course.

I didn't take any photos - I was too busy watching but I know that Andy was snapping away like a good'un and the pics will be up on the Pinnacle blog for all to see.

I already had a couple of sets of Lindsay's latest Christmas stamps but after seeing the demo had to grab a few more (including an Andy Skinner Christmas set). I was pretty good - I didn't go mad but I did also grab a bottle of Staz-on Spray Stamp Cleaner and if you want to know what that is going to be used for (apart from the obvious) you will need to pay Lindsay a visit either at a demo or on her blog.

Thank you Andy, Joanne and Pauline for organising such a super day - I'm off to sink into the soft squidgy cushions on the sofa. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday............


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Sounds wonderful! Going over to Lindsay´s blog to have a look. Thanks for the link. :D
Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new stash. :)

She said...

Oh lucky you...Glad you had a lovely time. I am very lucky and I have been to lots of Lindsay's demos and classes :-) I never fail to come away inspired, she is such a lovely and talented lady. S xx

Lynn Stevens said...

Sounds like a great day ,except for the numb bum. LOL I'll go check out the blog!
Hugs Lynn

Bubbles said...

Next time, take one of those blow-up rubber rings (designed for pile-sufferers *lol*) ... although you'll get funny stares, you'll be the only one leaving with a straight back, uncrooked neck, and NOT walking like John Wayne :)

Sounds like (apart from the loss of feeling in the derriere) you had an amazing time :)

Debbie said...

That sounds like a fab demo. Hope your bum gets a chance to recover on a soft seat now!!

Debbie x

Allison said...

sounds like a great day

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo that does sound like a good day, well minus the bum numbing part that is! LOL! Kim

Sandra said...

Sounds like a fabulous day

The Crafty Elf said...

Wow....lucky you! Sounds like a blast! I was busy cleaning and cooking for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! I do hope you share some of what you learnt today! Have an awesome weekend Toni!