Friday, 2 December 2011

Deck the Halls...

...or rather - the office **hehehe**

Kerryanne's Inspiration Friday over at "Simply Christmas" asks to see how we are decorating for the holidays.

We have rather large open-plan work areas and there are lots of restrictions on what we can & can't do - no pins in walls or ceilings, no cellotape on the same, no lights unless they have been safety tested by the Dept's electrician services, no obstructions that could cause H&S issues - despite all this, we have become quite adept at turning our space into a bit of a Winter Wonderland...even if it is only for a few weeks.

We were recently given 5 black 2ft trees and it was lovely decorating with a different colour scheme.
This is the tree next to my desk - just black/silver/white. The lavender snowman & Santa are mine and come out each year. All the decorations we have come from eith Poundland or 99p Store.
The bows were made from a box of wired ribbon - 5 pre-cut metres for 99p.
I'm really pleased how quick & easy these bows were to do and I might pop and get some more of the ribbon as I can see a few gaps that need filling.
Here is my snow family and one of the matchbox advents that I made - unfortunately, the advent is empty as Sainsbury didn't do the mini choc bears this year that I normally use to fill it.
This display is as you walk into our work area - three trees simply decorated and our 'post box' (amazing what you can do with an empty photocpy paper box, some wrapping paper, cotton-wool an garland.
My boss left me a piece of tinsel to decorate his desk with (that is framing his monitor) which didn't do much so we added a tree...just decorated with a pack of gift tags...
...and even his bowling trophy received a bit of a festive make-over LOL.

We still have the December 'nibbles' table to decorate but most of the other decs are in place.

(the nibbles table is something we have each year - on my section we all bring in snacks and treats throughout the month for everyone to share. By everyone bringing in a 'little' we end up with 'a lot' but it doesn't cost any one person too much at this expensive time of year)

Hope you like our efforts to create a bit of festive cheer......................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a pretty set of decorations! How lovely an office can look with a bit of loving care.

Sandra said...

What fun, you'll smile each morning

The Crafty Elf said...

Such a great festive work area! Love what all you guys did to your office. I especially love the trophy makeover - LOL! You got some good deals too by the sounds of things....wahooo!