Wednesday, 21 December 2011


...lucky, me.

On Tuesday at our weekly team gathering (10 mins to share good news, important info etc.) I was presented with this... my staff along with the stern warning "No tears, please".

I manage a large team of clerical support staff (20 directly and another 7 in-directly). Considering I never wanted to be a manager - I was more than happy working on my own collecting & collating statistics - I have ended up with one of the largest teams in our building. Managing such a large number has its headaches and there are times when I would cheerfully bash a few heads together if I could but on the whole they are a great bunch and I would willingly defend them all against whinging from folk who get paid an awful lot more than they do. From time to time they really amaze me by their willingness to take on additional duties and ownership of problems which they proceed to deal with on their own initiative.

On this occasion I was told I had to open the contents of the gift bag...which I did thinking it consisted of some chocolates and Buck's Fizz and a couple of cards for which I thanked them all.........."No, open the little envelope as well!" say I was overwhelmed was an understatement - £45 in vouchers for my favourite craft store.
It would appear they did some on-line detective work, knowing that I regularly visit the Craft Village at Barleylands, and came up trumps.

Every year I have given my staff a small gift - usually a scarf, sweets or a diary - this year is no different other than I have a much bigger team to cater for.
I had to keep the wrapping quick and simple otherwise I'd have still been wrapping this time next year LOL...................................


The Crafty Elf said...

Wow Toni, that was awesome! What a generous group you have working for you and in return you are very giving as well! No one ever said being a Manager is easy but I think you obviously do a great job. I think you would be a great one to work for! Enjoy your gift!

Claire said...

That is so nice....and a bonus its for your hobby too...enjoy your Christmas and new year.... and a huge Thankyou for visiting my blog
Claire xx

Virginia said...

Oh Toni that's awesome and what a thoughtful gift obviously from a thankful team! I'm sure you'll have much fun in your favourite craft store with those vouchers!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Good to see Karma at work. :D So thoughtful of you and so kind of them. :)