Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Festive Table... style.

I mentioned that we have a 'nibbles' table throughout the month of December - everyone contributes and it is something nice to share. These photos were taken when I had finished decorating the trees.
Not a lot of food at the moment but it will increase.
I put another two trees out to decorate the festive table - the trees came from Poundland (like the $ store) as did all the decorations. It really isn't a case of what something cost but what you do with it that counts and it doesn't take an awful lot to make something look pretty.

Here in the UK we have so many of these bargain stores - Poundland, Pound World, Pound Store, 99p Store...the list goes on - yes you have to watch what you are buying because it isn't all wonderful but for those who haven't taken the time to have a look around, I think you will be surprised at just what you can find in these places.

I've taken a few more photos of the table and will let you see the sorts of goodies we have as the month progresses.....................


Sandra said...

I agree with you so much, it's got nothing to with cost, it's all about the decorating :)

Debbie said...

A nibbles table sounds like a fab idea! I wish my workplace could have one of those!

Debbie x

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh i love things like this and the trees are just gorgeous. all that blue in the picture really looks gorgeous too. have a ball and don't eat too much. i'm happy to take leftovers - LOL.

hugs :)

Julia Dunnit said...

I agree, some of my favourite buys are foraged for in poundland! Trees look great, I love the community idea of your nibbles table...although I wouldn't be able to keep away!