Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ruffles & Bling...

...and lots of colours.

When I bought my first yarn to make these ruffle scarves I thought how quick and easy they were and would make super gifts - the problem however was that I only knew of one local source and I had just bought the last two balls.

Whilst attending a meeting at our Southend office I ventured out to a small shop that was mentioned to me and I found the same style yarn but not a very inspiring range of colours and to make matter worse the price was higher (and as I knitted it I found the quality wasn't great) - I went for a red/black mix which was the only colour I liked and I had promised someone a ruffle scarf as a gift.

I then found that my local wool shop was stocking this style of yarn and in a lovely range of colours so I bought a selection...
...and despite only getting the yarn on 23 December - I was able to get a couple of gifts made.
Mum and my sister each received one of these scarves - Autumn colours for Sis and a Blue/green mix for Mum.
On the same day I also popped to Barleylands to see if there were any bits I could add to the presents and Denise had received another delivery which included this lovely yarn with the silver edging...a couple of balls just happened to find their way into my basket.

Despite the lurex the yarn is still very soft and I managed to get this made so that I could wear it on Christmas Day - I mean, a girl has to have a bit of bling at Christmas............................


Sandra said...

Good for you :) but oh yeah, a girl must have her bling

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Beautiful handmade gifts Toni. I'm sure they would have been greatly appreciated too. Hope it isn't too cold there.
Happy New Year,

Splashbunny said...

wow, i can't knit to save my life!! I am very impressed with how quick you did all those and they are just gorgeous!!
Hope you had a lovely sparkly christmas,
Happy New Year!!

Debbie said...

They look lovely, I'm sure they went down very well! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Debbie x

Claire said...

I so wish I could knit... I might have to find somewhere that holds lessons.... I would love to make one of them scarfs

Vicky said...

These look fabulous shug I made a quick one for Natalie the other night it only took me 4 hours they are so fab to do....only prob is they can be addictive lol.
Loving these sweetie!!!

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx