Thursday, 20 September 2012

NOT a Happy Bunny...

...I don't like, don't want this new Blogger interface. I want my old 'comfortable as old slippers' (as Lindsay Mason would say) format. I didn't like it when it appeared four months ago and was sooooooooooo happy when someone found that you could revert to the old format. I've seen messages from Blogger saying that they had made improvements since then...don't know where. It looks just as it did when they brought it in before - didn't like it then - don't like it now!!! I don't "do" techy stuff very easily and after 6 years of blogging I was just beginning to feel comfortable with being able to get the system to do what I wanted it to. To make it worse (as if that's possible **snort**) the new interface is not compatible with my PC at work. So I can't hop on here during my lunch break and I now have no back-up access should I have problems with my PC or broadband connection GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I was happy with what I had. I don't want or need all-singing & dancing systems in the same way that I don't want or need an i-phone or a smart phone (but that's another tale). So I'm not very happy at the moment. Think I'll make myself a coffee and just sulk for a while......................... EDT: I'd also forgotten how this new format doesn't publish in the paragraphs that I've typed - it runs everything together as a block **great deal of teeth knashing**


Virginia said...

Oh hun you don't sound happy at all - not sure which interface you are talking about, is it the white one? See how techy I get it's all colours. If it is I have finally got to grips with it, but appreciate that not having access at work is a pain.

Sending you hugs

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

boy! do i hear ya on this one. i'm NOT a fan of the new interface either. there are way more prettier selections the old way. now blogger is saying they'll be "phasing out the old interface in the next few months". then for sure things will start to get wonky. they should just leave well enough alone. maybe take a poll. have you seen a poll? i sure haven't.

hang in there... the new way is really not that bad. i only went to it because i have WINDOWS XP and that's a goner too. so it was change the interface or my blog just wouldn't work anymore. ok. shoot me now - LOL.

hugs :)