Saturday, 29 September 2012

What's Rocking Your World...

...this week?
Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see the things that have been making folk smile this week, or just lightening their lives for a while.

Workwise the week didn't start too promising - after a wet, windy and very cold weekend the office was like an ice box on Monday morning. Unfortunately, being a Government department things like heating etc. follow very ridged guidelines and heating in buildings does not go on until AFTER the 1st October. Senior management stepped in and the heating will be switched on this weekend so that monday morning should see the office at a reasonable temperature...way to go common sense.

It has also been quite depressing at work seeing all the decorations relating to the Olympics & Paralympics gradually disappearing - the colourful images across the front of the station have started to come down. With the change in the weather everywhere is starting to look very 'grey'...but never fear...

Along side platform 13 of the Jubilee Line there is a celebration wall...
...sorry the photos aren't great but the lighting is very poor and the info is all behind glass...
...but it brought a smile to my face to see that at least there was something to recognise the fantastic achievements of our athletes...
...the wall lists everyone who won a medal - way to go London Transport!!!

Other things that have brightened my week...

* Having lunch with some friends - although we work in the same building we rarely get to spend time together so getting together and going out to lunch was lovely. It's great to escape from the office even for a short while and just enjoy a pleasant natter with mates.

* Having staff that 'nag' me (in a nice way; of course). When we have busy spells at work it is easy to forget to stop long enough to breath, let alone make a drink or eat lunch - so a big thank you to my peeps who remind me **grin**

* Feeling satisfied with my efforts to replace the net curtains in my hall and rear porch (even if I realised I hadn't put the nets up and decided to get stuck in at silly o'clock). Cleaning windows and hanging new nets at 10.30pm is not the ideal but oh how lovely they looked when they were up.

* Also relating to net curtains - the lovely owner of the shop who rummaged and found in her store room some in the length I needed. Although what she had left on the roll was slightly short of what I needed, she let me have it based on the price rounded down to the last full metre. So I have now cleaned the windows in the dining room and replaced the nets thare too - I love new nets.

* Thursday crop night - even if we didn't get much crafting done. We laughed so much the tears ran...oh it does a body good to just be silly sometimes.

* 30% off Members Weekends which allow me to purchase some of the crafting goodies that would otherwise stay on my wishlist. New dies, embossing folders and stamps managed to find their way home with me **big smile**

* Loyalty schemes that allow me to almost complete my collection of Spectrum Noir pens (just the 6pk of pinks to go and it will be a full set).

* Daniel Craig as James Bond - I didn't think I would like him in the part but this week I have watched both of the Bond movies that were shown on ITV and I have to say I have been won over.

So quite a few things going on this week that have Rocked my World...what's been rocking yours?........................................


Carmen said...

Hmmmm - James Bond aka Daniel Craig. I'm a bit of a mixed reaction to him. See, my Craig is a huge Bond fan so has alllll the DVD's which I have sat and suffered through on many a sunday afternoon. See, to me James Bond are these this cheesy gag filled films. But Daniel Craig has taken the role and made it very serious, the occasional poke of fun at the old Bond but more along the lines of the Bourne Conspiracy now. I kind of miss the Bond that I could sit and pull to pieces while Craig was watching it but... at the same time, they are very well done as thrillers in their own right... Just not James Bond. Oh crap - can you tell I have seen them waaaay to many times? ;)

Yay to friends and work colleagues making you stop and breathe. Good for them and good that you have them around you!

Haven't been to London since just before the Olympics so I never saw most of the decorations but it's nice to know that at least someone is commemorating our medal winners :)

Have a lovely week Toni :)

Virginia said...

Oh what a lovely bunch of fabulous things going off hun - loved all your list, sad that the Olympic stuff is disappearing however glad that the transport are celebrating our achievements!

Loving that your staff team are reminding you to have lunch and drink tea and fingers crossed that the heater will have been on when you get in tomorrow - I work in a really cold building so completely understand!

Bargains galore and discounts lovely stuff.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

Hugs as always

PS Net curtains at 10.30pm people will think you are doing it in stealth mode intentionally tee hee