Sunday, 23 September 2012


...yes, I'm late again LOL
Despite all my best intentions, it's now Sunday and I'm only just getting around to doing my 'Rocking' post. If you don't know what I'm going on about - each Friday the lovely Virginia prompts us to take a look back at our week and highlight the things that have made us smile, brightened our worlds or just out and out Rocked it (in a good way, of course). Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see what I mean. As I'm late again this week, I'm not going to progress through the week - I'll just dip in and tell you about a few things. I actually got a bit of time to sit down and do a little bit of colouring...yipeee!!!...the image that I wanted to play with was a freebie from the lovely Krista (Saturated Canary).
I decided to have a play with my new Spectrum Noir pens.
Although I only have a limited amout of the available colours, I did pick up some more from "In2Crafting" as they were having a double points day and I had a loyalty voucher. Yay for loyalty schemes **big grin** I managed to stop stroking my 'Tim' cargo case and actually put some ink pads in it.
I know I have many more of the Distress Ink pads than this but they are obviously tucked away somewhere safe...still, I know I haven't got all the colours so I can work on filling up the available space. Now when you look at it empty, it doesn't look that big but as you can see from above - there is a lot of space in that there box.
Mind you, one of the first things that I've got to get used to is having it up the right way so that I can open it. I'm not sure if I'll decorate the outside of the box or just leave it as is.
I might just make a handle charm or something...have to think about that one. Work has been pretty hectic as it is mid year and all the prep has to be done for staff appraisals. I hate the system we have in place as it feels as if you have to jump through hoops to get any recognition for your staff. With a new management structure this year I didn't hold out any hope for myself and thought it would be difficult sorting out my staff - it came as a surprise to have my new manager indicate that she thought I warrented recognition and that she felt mine was one of only two sites that she manages (14 in total) where she feels she doesn't HAVE to visit because she knows things will be dealt with. That certainly brightened my week. Blogger is not my favourite thing at the moment and I'm struggling with the new format of the Dashboard (I know many folk have been using this for some time but I was clinging on to the old style - bit like a comfort blanket). I proved that I could actually post something so that cheered me up a bit. Me thinks this is going to take some time to get used to. As I'm typing this I have no idea what it will look like but I'm giving it a go. Time to pay the other 'Rockettes' a wee visit - why not come along too........................................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I´d love to have a skirt like hers!!!
So cool to see your new storage with the inks. *Drool*

Katherine (sutty) said...

You'll get there with blogger - I quite like it now :) (did take a while tho), love your colouring and your TH box (still saying to myself 'I really don't need one' to counter act all the 'that is loooovellly' thoughts :). Congrats with work too

Virginia said...

Oh that's a great post, glad your boss has recognised all the work you and your team are doing - it's always nice to be acknowledged. Loving the distress inks filling up in the your beautiful case.

I saw some of those noir pens yesterday when I was out and about - are they any good? I don't like promarkers - too scratchy, I prefer the copic ciaio ones but are so expensive - so when I saw these in packs I wondered if they were any good. What type of tip do they have Toni?

Carmen said...

Lots of loveliness in this post. Recognition, craftiness, new stash. Yep - all good :)

I'm one of the ones who has been on the new Blogger format for a while. I do find when trying to draft posts in Chrome I get weird spacing so I have to do that in Firefox. I find the preview window a great help when trying to see how things are working out when drafting a post - you'll get the hang of it :)

Have a lovely week Toni.

Natasha said...

Love the girl, gorgeous outfit! new stash as well, and storage for art supplies...always puts a smile on my face. Love the ink holder. How cool is that!