Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rocking your world Friday...

...okay, so it's Sunday...who's checking?

I'm sure someone is pinching a day or two from my week - they can't be flying by this quickly otherwise LOL

...I had to dig deep this week but that's one of the good things about WRYWF. By taking a moment to actually look back over your week you can usual find some things that may have been brief but were enough to bring a smile to your face or to bring a bit of light & fun to your life. Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see what it's all about.

Anyhooo, what's been rocking my week...

A very slow running Virgin Media - no, I haven't completely lost it (honest) - despite it being very frustrating, it has actually been very funny when I've seen some of the things I've typed. Not being a touch typist, I tend to be a 'heads down and watch the fingers' type of gal...which has led to some pretty silly stuff on screen due to the slow connections and delays in stuff getting to the screen. Oh well, only have to wait until Dec/Jan to get my super 'free' double speed connection that is being rolled out ('sposed to have had it in July - quick roll-out ain't it).

Enjoyed a lovely day on Saturday (8 Sept) with Mum. No rush to be anywhere so we just pottered about. Mum picked up a few bargains and I added to my collection of Spectrum Noir pens as there was a demo day at In2Crafting in Wickford (promotion for the day meant I got a free DVD too). Bought some pretty net curtains for the hallway and then stopped to have a lovely lunch.

Sun set from outside Mum's was pretty amazing...

...such vivid colours.

On the whole the week has been pretty busy with rather long days at work. There have been a number of new systems introduced which have been new not just to my staff but also other folk in the building and this has caused a few headaches trying to get things sorted smoothly.

Car had its first service on Friday and passed with flying colours - they even gave it a 'wash & brush-up' so at the moment it is looking pretty shiney (don't think we'll go for such a dark colour next time...). Finally got to pick up my 'Tim' storage ink pads in it yet but it has been stroked a few times LOL

Saturday (15 Sept) and Mum & I had a try and locate somewhere that stocked a free standing, two ring burner, plug-in hob (the sort that can be used in holiday homes and/or student accommodation). We have found that this type of hob suits Mum best as it is just the right height and doesn't take up too much space in her kitchen. The last one came from her local Iceland but they don't stock electrical items anymore. Everywhere we tried only does single hot plates or griddles. The last place we tried was a specialist Camping supplies retailer - yes they do them, no they don't have any in stock, no they won't have any in now until the new season starts ?????? So we failed on that mission but we did stop off for lunch at the local Harvester and enjoyed another lovely meal that neither Mum nor I had had to cook.

Although not a cold day, the wind was quite strong and added a chill to the air but there was another lovely sunset...

...not as vivid as the week before but certainly lovely to look at (even if it didn't last too long).

Today has been a lazy day...a PJ day...the washing was sorted yesterday evening so today I have tried to catch up with my blog reading and have even managed a bit of colouring with my new pens. Isn't it lovely just to take things easy once in a while - especially as I know this coming week is going to be just as busy as the last one. Hope you all have great weeks...........................


Joanna said...

What stunning sunsets! Really beautiful.

Sounds like you've had some good times with your Mum, shame you weren't able to sort out her cooking thing. Daft really, she can't be the only person wanting something like that - all the year round.

What is it about T!m's stuff, it's just GOT to be stroked?!

Have a great week and look forward to the weekend!


Sam said...

Lovely list this week and what great sunset photos! Glad the car passed its service first time.Time spent with your mum sounds wonderful.
Hope you have a great week. x

Carmen said...

Love that you have put a positive spin on slooooow internet, I'd have probably had a tantrum by now!

Love your sunsets, I can never get the colours to come out as vivid as I see them on my camera.

Yay for meals out with Mum!

Have a lovely week Toni :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful days with your mom. I spent my Sunday with my mom too, shopping and having lunch. I can't imagine her not being in my life.
Gorgeous sunsets too. Bummer you couldn't find her a proper stove. Have fun with your new Tim toys.
also have a wonderful week Toni...
Hugs Lynn

Tinkertaylor said...

I got a two ring burner from my local Aldi a couple of weeks ago as we're having the kitchen done.It works a treat. Fabulous sunsets by the way

Natasha said...

Love your sunset photos, and your positive spin on your internet issues...I would have had a tempter tantrum by now I expect. Even if just in private.

Sounds like you had a lovely time with your Mum, even if you couldn't find what you were looking for.

I hope you have a great week, and your Mum finds the cooker she was looking for. One wouldn't expect it to be so difficult to locate.

Virginia said...

Hello Sweetie - yes someone is definitely stealing days at the moment - my weeks are flying by and I'm struggling to keep up with blog reading etc as well. Your post was lovely - the sky pictures are gorgeous - I've not spent enough time outside recently to appreciate the gorgeousness of skies - so thank you for the piccies. Your trip out with your Mum sounds great apart from not sorting the stove item - why don't you have a look on the internet I'm sure they'll be an online supplier that can sort rather than you waiting until the new season starts!

I'm not surprised you've just stroked the gorgeous case you won - green with envy LOL!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day