Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Oh Well... didn't take them long to start putting things back to normal here in Stratford.

After all the fun & razamataz of two wonderful sporting events, it feels as if someone was waiting in the wings to pounce and make it seem as if it never happened.

The picture of Ellie Simmonds on the office block above the Westfield centre has been taken down (in double quick time might I add) and the posh brushed-steel sheeting that covered the hoarding around the building site next to my office has all disappeared.

The additional rail & tube services have been withdrawn so we are now back to 'cattle truck' conditions because folk can't afford to let a train go even though it is crowded because it is such a long wait for the next one...surely it would have been better to keep the frequency of trains just reduce the capacity slightly.

Trains are running late again (funny how they managed to keep to the timetables whilst the eyes of the World were upon them) and the 'feel-good' factor is starting to disappear as folk are starting to have to cope with overcrowded, poor public transport all over again.

Oh, and as we speak...the padlocks are going up on the Olympic Park - how frustrating for those who never had the chance to see it before the bulldozers move in and start on the new road networks etc.

The Olympics and Paralympics may be fading from the public view but there is something exciting to look forward to...
Kerryanne over at the Shabby Art Boutique will be holding another Simply Christmas event this year.
Running from the 1st November there will be lots of good things to look at and share so why not hop over there and find out more - then you can make a note in your diary so that you are all set for when the fun begins.......................................

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Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I'm happy to put a little sunshine in your day Toni. Thanks for the shout out for Simply Christmas.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne