Monday, 3 September 2012

Stamping Demo Day...

...or 'numb bum Saturday' took place at Pinnacle Crafts at the weekend.

Andy was showing how to get the most out of your stamps and associated stash. Also, as it was Pinnacle's 9th Birthday on Saturday there was a discount on a lot of stamp related stuff by way of a celebration...well, of course I had to celebrate with them (it would have been very rude not to LOL) and a nice selection of goodies found their way home with me.

Having arrived in plenty of time for the opening, I seated myself and enjoyed a morning of some fabulous tips and ideas from Andy. In an effort to not block the view of the folk behind me I tried to keep low in my seat but it isn't the most comfortable ways of sitting (this was the numb bum part).

Andy has certainly been busy and many of the samples that he had prepared have been shown on his blog or will be over the coming weeks - do hop over there and take a look.

Saturday was also the launch day for the latest DoCraft promotion and as there are quite a few 'stampy' things...these also decided they were mine.
The Home for Christmas range is lovely (Red & White) and there are some fab Urban stamps - especially the 'Word' background stamp.
Stamped in white pigment ink onto kraft CS it looks very effective.
This is quite a big stamp at 6 x 6 inches so it needs a large acrylic block (yep, DoCrafts remembered to include one in their range).
This was the white pigment ink stamp pad - one of a range of new pads (also from DoCraft) and a pretty good price too at just £1.99.
I love this stamp but I did struggle with the size. I gave up with the block and just placed it face-up on a flat surface, inked it all over and then carefully placed the CS on top. I carefully smoothed the CS over the stamp and then lifted it up and away - taking care not to let it slip or drop back. If I hadn't been in such a rush to try it out I would probably have used my brayer to apply an even pressure all over (unfortunately, I seem to have put it away for safe keeping **giggle**).

Demo days are always good get to watch someone showing you new get to meet up with friends...and you usually end up spending (oh what a surprise LOL).

Andy makes his demos 'real' and he doesn't try to hide things that haven't quite worked...he uses these things to show that things don't always work perfectly - no matter who you are.

Thank you Andy for another fabulous day of tips & ideas........................


voodoo vixen said...

I love that things want to belong to you!! and it certainly looked like quite a lot of stuff had the same preferences of owner!! ;)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Nice new stash! The white stamped image looks really cool on kraft.