Friday, 7 September 2012

That was a week...

...that was - and it certainly rocked.
Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see what WRYWF is all about. In brief; you take a few moments to look back at your week and pick out the positives/good stuff that made you happy...brought a smile to your lips...or just out & out "Rocked". You'll be surprised what you can find even if it seems to have been a pretty grotty week for one reason or another. There are a small group of lovely folk who do this on a regular basis and they hop over to Virginia's place to share the things they have found.

This has been my week...

On Sunday, I took my Mum for a brief visit to my sister's. These visits don't happen very often because my sister's house isn't easily accessible. We had a lovely natter and catch-up and then I took Mum shopping. On the way we stopped for lunch at a Pub (although near to where my sister lives, I hadn't been in there for years) and we had a delightful meal - def one to add to the list for future visits. Shopping was a success too - I picked up a new winter duvet (King-size) for under £10 and it is no more expensive visits to the cleaners.

Monday was a pretty grotty day at work but oh the lovely surprise when I got home and read my emails. I had won a Tim Holtz storage case in the Pinnacle Crafts Birthday draw. I was bouncing up & down on my chair and kept going back to read the email to make sure I hadn't imagined it **giggle** - even now it is making me smile thinking about it.

The Paralympics have been just awesome and when you see what these folk have overcome to achieve this level of success it is very humbling. In the Olympics Team GB came away with 65 fabulous medals - so far our Paralympic Team GB have 108 and there are still 3 days to go. Wowza!!!

A short while ago my friend Paula asked if I would do a guest spot on her blog. Paula is currently posting weekly ideas for organising & decluttering - each Monday she focuses on a specific thing (sorting your media/make-up/storage) and then on Friday she gives you crafty ideas linked to that topic.

This Monday Paula highlighted mug collections...she suggested we all take a look at what we had in our cupboards and she encouraged us to get rid of any broken/damaged ones or suggested we 'repurpose' them. This was also the week that she asked me to participate in.

Over on Paula's blog she has featured my Mug hugs as a way of sprucing up your mug collections...she has also been very kind and said some really lovely things **blush**
Anyone who visits me on a regular basis will know that I like to knit and that from time to time I make mug hugs/scarves/bits & bobs.
Do hop over to Paula's blog and see all the other ideas she has been sharing lately...I'm sure you'll find something that makes you think "now why didn't I think of that?". If for no other reason, drop in on her to see all her lovely photos - through her camera lens I have watched her children grow-up and I have seen a wonderful part of the world that I probably would never have seen - and Paula is a really lovely that is good enough in itself.

All in all it has been a pretty super (if busy) week. Oh, and before I forget a big welcome to my latest follower...hope you enjoy visiting.

I'll be linking this up over at Virginia's place and dropping in to see what the other 'Rockers' have been up to this week. Have a good one.........................


scrappyjen said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes it does put things into perspective. In shock at the minute. jenniferx

Virginia said...

Oh you sound like overall you've had a great week, paralympics - awesome, time with your Mum, visting your sister and having a meal out - definitely a positive. Loving the mug hugs, will check out the blog, could definitely do with a bit of a declutter at the moment! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend ahead.


Sarah said...

Woohoo for your prize win and time with your family :) And your "mug hug" is super cute :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

sounds like a fabulous week. love the baby creations. i used to knit, crochet, cross stitch and now can't hold those needles for any length of time. funny tho' my card making and coloring doesn't bother them. go figure.

yeah... and cable PROMISED "no commercial interruptions" and now??? more commercials than regular TV. we should go back to the old ways. progress sometimes SUCK.

stay well sunshine!

hugs :)

Joanna said...

Awww, those mug-hugs are so cute!

Lucky you with your T!m win :)

The Paralympics have been amazing haven't they? I'll really miss them when it's all over and done with next week :(

Have a great weekend,


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Awwweee! Talking about blushing! *beam* Thanks for all the lovely things you always say about me.
I loved working with your designs. Super clear instructions too.
Glad to read you had such a great visit with your family and that you are enjoying the games. Your prize is to drool for. ;)
Thanks again for coming to play with me. :D

Carmen said...

What a fabulous week! My Dad has offered to take up out for a pub meal on Sunday - can't wait! That'll be on next weeks list ;)

Congratulations on the win - I can just imagine you're face on opening that email!

Love your mug hug and could def do with some organisational tips so I'll pop over and take a peep.

Have a lovely week x

CLaire said...

Awww I love the mug hug things... I am going to look for a pattern... lets hope its easy... as I am new to knitting and cant do shapes yet... adding and taking away stitches at the ends... lol
and its nice to know someone has had a fab week..
hugs CLaire x