Saturday, 15 August 2015

Windows 10 has arrived...

...and I actually managed to download it without mishap.

Not bad for an IT numpty like me.

It's downloaded, it's up and running and I've managed to find my documents, pictures and games (LOL) but am still trying to navigate to some of the basics - but I'm getting there.

I have to say that it was a bit strange having a big "Hi Toni...welcome" appear on the screen the first time I started it up but I think I'm getting used to that.

I suppose, if you have a Smartphone or a Tablet type device you are already familiar with the 'touchscreen' style boxes (it might be more fun if I had a touchscreen - **chuckle**) but I have a desktop PC and a fairly basic Nokia phone...I don't NEED some whizzy thing that I keep glued to my hand or ear...I have what I need - A PHONE and my PC does what I require it to do...even if sometimes I dream of those big PC screen that you can touch and swipe like they do on NCIS:LA.

So I'm up and running with the new Windows.

Word of advice - if you are a bit like me and not overly 'techy', don't schedule your 'free' Windows upgrade for late in the day like I did.

Sitting here trying to find out where things were and how stuff worked resulted in me not getting to bed until 3.30am Thursday morning - not good on a 'work day'........................................................


Redanne said...

Oh well done Toni, I have not ventured into 10 yet, I am sticking with 8 until I am forced to change.... lol. Hugs, Anne xx

Sandra said...

I've not downloaded it yet as my laptop isn't very well. And I don't want to change or add anything as I think it nay throw a hissy fit and give up lol.