Monday, 31 August 2015

With just 4 to go...

...I wonder what colour will be next.

I'm sure there is lots of speculation going on.

On Saturday, I picked up another two of the colours from this year's new releases of the Tim Holtz Distress products from Ranger.

"Blueprint sketch" was the release for July...
 ...and is a beautiful blue. I have had a bit of a play with my marker but not tried adding water or anything else to see how it 'shades' when used like a watercolour.
"Hickory Smoke" was the release for June...
...and as far as I have gotten with this is to update my product list in my planner/notebook. It is a lovely grey - what I would call a 'proper grey' - not the browny colour that is created by Pumice stone.

I now have the markers, reinkers and ink pads for each colour for the first 7 months. I do have a couple of stains, paints and sprays but not for all the colours as I don't tend to use those products as much.

The August release was "Ground espresso", a lovely dark brown that I will be looking forward to adding to my collection.

So what do you think the colour for September will be?

I would still like to see an addition to the mauve/purple shades and I know that Andy at Pinnacle Crafts is still hoping for a solid while (rather than the wash of Picket fence).

Well, only a week to go and we will know what the next release will be.........................................


sue jones said...

I bought the brown and Love it - while i have some of the other colours in other mediums ( mostly distress stains) I dont have them all - I like the look of that grey :)

Sandra said...

I haven't bought any of the new colours in ages .... So all of it looks interesting to me lol