Monday, 6 June 2011

The contents of the...

...memory book.

I warn you now...this is a photo heavy post so you might want to go and grab yourself a cuppa before settling down to peruse the piccies.
As you've already seen the box, front cover and title page I thought I'd go straight into the contents. Especially as the number of pages involved mean so many photos.
I was lucky enough to be given photos by several of Bridget's friends and colleagues but unfortunately they didn't supply any info to go with. So I thought the best thing to do was to provide some journalling panels so that Bridget can jot down her own thoughts & memories.
Most of the photos relate to specific events like team meals, birthdays and parties. From the looks of things most of the folk Bridget has worked with seem to appear in at least one photo.
There are Retirement 'dos' and leaving parties and I've kept the embellishment to a minimum so as to keep the book from getting too fat. I don't think I succeeded very well on this but it isn't too bad LOL
Winnie suggested in an earlier post on this subject that it might be an idea to leave a few pages so that Bridget can add her own photos...well that is what I've done.
More photos of folk that she has worked with. You will also notice that I've used the same 'Round the page' punch set throughout to keep some consistency.
A double page of pockets containing tags and memo cards that can be used for folk to write their best wishes (a bit like a guest book).
I found some cartoons on the internet..."Maxine" expresses issues that are age-related so I printed some off and included them in the book as a bit of fun.
Photos from one of the Christmas meals.
Memories of Christmas in the office and last year's trip to Harrods...I think Harrods have the edge on Christmas decorations LOL (most of ours came from the 99p Store & Poundland).
Photos of our team trip to the View Tube so that we could see the Olympic Park. There's pics of the'gang' and lots of smaller pics of the various things that could be seen from the viewing platform.
More 'Maxine' and some space to jot down more thoughts & memories.
A recent highlight was Afternoon Tea at Harrods. I caught a snap of Bridget having difficulties with one of the cakes...LOL...and this page is actually a pocket containing some bits and pieces that I thought she might like to keep.
The back page is just a reminder to enjoy tea & cake aswell as her retirement.
I just finished the back cover off with my name.

I hope tomorrow is a lovely day for Bridget and that she enjoys her farewell event without too many tears. I also hope that she enjoys looking through this book and that it will bring back happy memories for her.

Happy retirement Bridget, I'll miss you..........................


Claire said...

All I can say is.... WOW..

The memory book is stunning, I love your corner punch. And the colours are so well matched.
You are one talented lady
Claire xx

Glen said...

WOW Toni! You HAVE been busy. I LOVE that Maxine funny. *Ü* Your work is beautiful and I am sure that Bridget will be over the moon with her gift. TFS. ~Glen~

Lynn Stevens said...

What a special gift for a no doubt special friend. Hope there werent too many tears!
hugs Lynn

The Crafty Elf said...

What a true labour of love! This is a treasure Bridget will have forever and you've created it, she'll love it!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

So many lovely pages! Wonderful memory book.

Claireliz said...

Fab book Toni, it's brilliant.

She said...

Oh Toni, this is fantastic! S xx