Saturday, 11 June 2011


...seems like we've had the lot today LOL

Well okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but come don't expect to be surrounded by flooded roads within 5 minutes of the rain starting - not here in South Essex.

I needed to go out to get a few bits - it's Farmer's Marker day at Barleylands so I wanted to pick up some Apple strudle for Mum. I was also getting low on glue dots as well as wanting some more of that lovely crystal ribbon. I also had an 'oops' last night whilst making my card that's in the previous post - I broke one of the clear plates in my BigShot - you should have seen me last night trying to feed stuff through using only part of the plate.

Well, despite the Essex Gardening show being on the Barleylands site I did get parked without too much bother and managed to get everything that I had gone out to get. I have to say - at this point the weather was glorious and extremely hot - driving with the windows down type weather.

With the challenges that I've been entering recently I had come to the decision that I needed to increase my collection of Magnolia stamps and there is only one place that I know of locally that stocks them - the craft shop at Wickford.
These were the three stamps that I managed to get. "Jolly Tilda"..."Twin Tilda"..."Will you be my Valentine Tilda", I will be having a colouring session later.
These two stamps are lovely and I'm glad I managed to get them as the selection was rather poor. I don't get to Wickford very often on a Saturday as parking is a nightmare but I will go if there is something I need or really want. To say I was disappointed at the choice would not be an understatement. The staff in the shop are lovely and I asked if they were getting some new Magnolias soon - only to be told that they probably won't be stocking them anymore. Now I'm stumped cos I don't like buying on-line. Anyone know of a retailer near to me that stocks Magnolias?
This last stamp is another Christmas one but I thought she looked so cute I couldn't leave her behind.

When I came out of the shop the world was awash...and everyone was huddling in doorways trying to avoid the downpoor - luckily it didn't last too long but boy did it come down.

If I'm honest, I really went looking for some of the more 'pretty' Tildas like the little princess one or some of the ones where Tilda is holding or carrying something - the one with the fruit basket is rather cute. However, it was not to be but I'm pleased with my purchases. I've just got to find somewhere else to acquire them from........................


Debsg said...

I need to increase my Magnolia collection too - I only have Christmas ones and a banner. Sad your local shop is discontinuing them.

Claire said...

I need to increase my collection also... I have
I do buy online, case of having to... I bought mine from Tilda's Town,
( have lots to choose from, including the pretty girly ones, and I would expect delivery inside the UK would be pretty quick.. and it is free
If you spend over 60 and use this code you will save 10% TILDA10

Love yor new stamps, and awaiting the coloured versions, I love your colouring, its so good.

Have fun colouring
Claire xx

Mrs Elmo said...

Have you tried the Range to see if they stock them?

The Crafty Elf said...

Well, there has been some real crazy weather all over the world lately that's for sure. I think your new additions are quite lovely and I do hope you find a new store to visit that sells them. Stay dry and cool :)