Saturday, 28 January 2012

Aren't these super...

...sooooooooooooooo pretty.
Yes I have been drooling over lots of Andy's creations over at Pinnacle Crafts because he has been playing with lots of the thin dies.

I have a few Spellbinder dies, Nesties, Go Kreate, xCut & Marianne but nowhere near the numbers that I know some of my crafting friends have. With just a few exceptions, most of my collection are fairly standard shape sets - oval, square, circle, label, tag.

Andy has been using quite a few Memory Box dies recently so I made up my mind that I would splash out at the next 'Members' weekend - and these are the 3 that I grabbed.
Frostyville border.
Madera corner.
La Rue Heart.

All three are quite delicate but I have seen them used in the flesh, so to speak, and the effect is beautiful.

Now I've noticed some comments on various forums from folk who have not been happy with the cutting of many of these thin dies and some have stated that they feel they have wasted their money - this is such a shame as there is such a wonderful variety of designs available in this format.

I had problems with my very first Spellbinder set (scalloped ovals) and despite using card shims - I would always end up with part of the die un-cut. I have a Big Shot machine and I thought the problem was that as I had used a Cuttlebug in craft classes with no problems.

It wasn't.

At the suggestion of a fellow crafter, I invested in a Multiplatform plate and I have to say that it was the best thing I could have done. My thin dies work a treat and with the help of my tan mats I can even emboss them without a problem.

Since buying my Multiplatform the only problem I have encountered was as a result of the materials I used - not the dies.

So my next course of action will be to have a play with these lovelies...............................................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Beautiful, so delicate! Looking forward to your new creations with these. :)

Sandra said...

I have a big shot too, and with the multi platform base, but I'm having trouble with some if the dies getting that embose look around th edge. I've also got one of those tan mats, I'm guessing it's just practice really

Lynn Stevens said...

How cool Love those new dies!