Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Look what else... calendar can produce.

I decided to sit down and cut out all the elements from my old calendar that I thought would be useful in my paper crafting.
With very little effort I have 12 lovely images that I can use to make cards with - I've cut some out in more detail but also left some rectangular (for the time being)
As you can see, it is very easy to cut the images out in fancy shapes and there are additional elements (hearts) that can be saved for future use.
Now what would a calendar be without the months of the year. This particular calendar had each of the months on a banner - sooooooooooooo easy to cut out and perfect to use on those scrapbook pages or even when constructing your own calendars.

Everything has been tucked away in a wallet to keep it safe and readily to hand when I want to use any of the images. I'll be sitting down and making a start on the rest of my old calendars.

If you are still hanging on to your old calendars because you like the pictures but are not sure what you want to do with them - just trim them down and store them ready for use. A complete calendar just glares at you and you will probably end up throwing it away - if you reduce it to useable elements it will be far easier to make use of it. Go on, give it a try..............................


Virginia said...

Awesome stuff Toni - can't wait to see the cards develop as you go - keep thinking of retrieving those Christmas cards in my porch to do something similar again (I've done it previously but lost heart last year LOL). Hope you're having a grand day!

Debbie said...

I love this idea, looks like you'll be able to make some fab cards with those images and your own calendar with those month banners!

Debbie x

Sandra said...

What a great idea

Kim Dellow said...

What a great bit of recycling Toni! Hope you managed to get some time to go through your mags! I do that too, I flick through when I first get them then put them to one side ready for a tea break!
Hope you are having a good week.

voodoo vixen said...

You clever little wotsit.. I hang onto calendars for ages then in a fit of tidyness throw them out... so maybe I will have to do as you have and cut them up ready for use!!