Saturday, 14 January 2012

Not a good day...

...I might have been ready for the cold snap but my car decided it wasn't.
Whilst my car had been prepared with anti-freeze and everything else needed for the winter months no one could have prepared for a dead battery. Not just flat...well and truely dead...not even the hint of a whirr.

Oh, and it seems loads of other folk have been having problems too due to the drop in temps as the minimum wait for the RAC was two hours.

Despite the long wait I have to give praise about the service I received. I received two calls from the call centre keeping me informed and a call from the engineer to say he would be with me in a few moments.

A good booster charge of the battery and a check of all the electrics and I was good to go. It appears something in the computerised system of the car had got stuck & drained the battery - by the battery going dead it has cleared the problem (it will still be booked in for a going over just to be safe).

There is something to be said for keeping machines simple; don't ya think?.....................


Weasel said...

...but even horses need feeding! :-)

Lynn Stevens said...

Glad to hear it all worked out, things were much simpler before computers got involved!