Thursday, 19 January 2012

What's hiding in...

...your stash?

To be honest, I dread to think what is buried in amongst all that lot...some long lost treasures and probably a fair number of 'horrors' best left buried LOL.

Anyhoo, whilst rummaging for some A4 CS the other day I came across a couple of decoupage sheets that I thought I had used ages ago (I obviously bought doubles **rollseyes**) so last night I made up a couple of cards - afterall, they were probably about to celebrate their 4th or 5th birthday **hehehe**
With Valentines day fast approaching I thought this little bear was very appropriate...
...and just look at all those layers.
This little miss is so sweet - perfect for a Mother's day card.
I just love her pretty bonnet.
Lots of detail and again loads of layers.

So that's two cards made and a bit of stash used up - wonder what I'll find next.......................................


Sandra said...

See, it really is worth never throwing anything away lol

Lynn Stevens said...

Your bears are just adorable.
gosh how long has it been since I've been over? I've missed so much. off to catch up!
Hugs Lynn