Monday, 16 July 2007

Cards, cards, and...

yes, more cards (lol).
I promised to show you the cards from the Basic Grey 'Blush' kit and here they are...
My scanner doesn't do them justice but you can get the idea :o)
I had great fun with the kit and my liquid chalks...ooooooooooooo I did get mucky. Brown and Blue not just on the cards & papers but also all over my fingers. One day I might just work out how to 'ink' without getting more on me than the project.
The colours of the 'blush' papers are so soft and pretty. They also mix & match with a whole load of cardstock so the variety is wonderful.
I loved making these cards but the problem now is that I don't really want to give them away - silly really as that is the whole idea behind making cards...
Perhaps if I keep them a while doing the normal scrapbooky type things (you know, sit and stroke the papers, look at them lovingly - he,he) I might eventually be able to pass them on for the appropriate occasion.
The kit was lovely to work with and although there was only enough cardstock and paper to make these seven cards there are loads of rub-ons left and more than half the sheet of chipboard letters and shapes - I would say that was real good value for money, Ta Mum!
My only gripe is that the kit did not contain any envelopes...but hey, I'm getting it sorted.
Have been busy punching out loads more 1" circles and now have a whole box of assorted colours, papers and cardstock all ready to get stuck into for a massive card making session.
I even sorted out a load of Christmas papers (no don't groan, it's not that far away) and I fully intend to get going on this years cards in plenty of time.
I do tend to be a 'Fits & Starts' type card maker...I go for ages without making any and then it's like a production-line comes into operation.
I want to play with more stamps on this years Christmas cards and I have lots of lovely embossing powders that I can experiment with - just need to find some time.
That's the problem isn't always comes back to time. Well, I will do it. I will not be buying loads of cards this year, I have more than enough stash to meet my needs (and I'm sure a few other things will find their way into my craft room between now and December, LOL) so no excuses.
Cardmaking, here I come...

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