Sunday, 8 July 2007

Cream Crackered...

...sort of translated - I'm tired!

Yesterday I was up at six, over to my sister's, car loaded and on the M25 by 7.50am.

First stop Leicester to collect my neice then on to Nottingham to collect the cats. As we had some packing boxes we stopped off at the flat in Hucknell so that there would be room for the cats and all their belongings. All was going well until almost at Tom's grandma's and we hit a problem - road maintenance was blocking the road that would give us the most direct route to our destination. Off we went in the opposite direction to complete a circular tour of Nottinghamshire that would get us to the part we wanted to be in...

Some time later, we arrived!

Polite exchange of small-talk and the cats were duly basketed and loaded for a trip back to Hucknell.

Various sorting of belongings at the flat, re-boxing of cats, additional items added to the contents of the car, a ham salad roll, strawberry tart, and sis & I bid farewell to Kristy. She was staying at the flat to be there for the early arrival of the removal men on Sunday morning.

We set off on the journey home...

The main problem with yesterday was that it was hot, veeeeeeeeeery hot, too hot to be stuck behind the wheel of a car nearly all day. The fan was going, the air con was on but it was still hot and the air con was drying out my contact lenses. No matter how much I blinked my eyes felt gritty and the lids wanted to stay down...DANGEROUS...time for emergency caffine.

The service station prior to Newport Pagnell had a Costa Coffee **don't like as much as Starbucks, but hey, when needs must :o(** I must have looked pretty ropey as the girl who served me took one look and asked if I wanted an extra double shot in my latte, lol.

Ooooooooooo, it tasted good and the brief wander back to the car in a very pleasent breeze was just what I needed.

However, what I didn't need was the sight of half a dozen guys clambering out of a people carrier and making their way over to the row of trees and shubs right in my line of sight. My sister and I were totally bemused to see them answer the call of nature facing said trees - it was actually farther for them to walk to the trees than it would have been to walk to the loos (???).

Nature answered they wandered back to their vehicle and drove off...

The remainder of the journey passed without a hitch and Charlie & Benjy were reunited with the hammys and the chinchilla.

Some rearranging of furniture and the hope that the house walls would actually stretch to accommodate all the things that were due to arrive from Hucknell and I drove myself home. I don't really remember head and pillow connecting...

Today (Sunday) was the Artbase July crop - being holiday time we were a little low on numbers but the project was fun - a LO using the super Hero Arts clear stamps. I couldn't complete my page because I had managed to leave the photos I was to use at home...Doh!

Kristy phoned and said she had been delayed so wouldn't get to her Mum's local station before the staff left for the day. Being in a wheelchair this meant she wouldn't be able to get of the train. So arrangements were made for me to collect her from Upminster - just down the road from the crop.

Then it happened...!!!!

I got caught - on film that is. I normally manage to avoid being in front of the camera but Emma snapped me and very kindly printed the photo out there and then. Well, what's a girl to do...scrap it of course!

I have produced a LO but I want to tinker with it a bit before I post it for the world & his wife to see. :-D

Kristy was collected from the station and took her home, arriving only minutes after the removal men. Bid farewell and took myself home.

I'm too tired to play with the LO tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow evening. You never know, I might even get the photos on the crop project page...stranger things have been known.........

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