Thursday, 19 July 2007

Guess where I'm going...


Yep, this Sunday I will be heading 'op norrrrrth' again. This time there will be no four-legged creatures of any shape or kind - just a large suitcase full of freshly washed clothes, another large bag of clothes, a couple of side tables, food (including the 'famine' relief parcel that my Mum has been putting together, LOL) ... oh, and not to forget - my niece...

After two weeks at home with her Mum and all the 'furry beasties' I think Kristy is starting to long for the piece and quiet of her Uni flat so I wasn't surprised to receive a text asking - pretty, please :o) - if I would take her back to Leicester this weekend.

So on Sunday we hit the M25 & M1 yet again **I think my poor little car could probably find its own way there now** but this time we will be starting off with a car load and I get to come home with it empty.

If you are wondering about the 'famine' relief Mum is a very concerned Grandma and she worries that Kristy won't have enough food, cleaning materials, loo rolls etc. and there are some of Kristy's specialised food items that don't appear to be available in Leicester - so Grandma has taken to sending food parcels. However, postage is starting to get a bit silly so she decided that this time she would save everything in a box ready to go back with Kristy when she returned to Uni - hence the FRP, he, he, he.

The BBC 5-day weather forecast has become a regular sight on my PC screen at work as I keep an eye on the 'supposed' weather for this weekend. It doesn't look too good but I'll wait and see because most of the bad weather that has been promised for this week seems to have by-passed us, so here's hoping!

With luck this will be the last trip north for a while, but then, you never know...

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