Sunday, 8 July 2012

"Have you heard...

...what's top of the paperback best-seller list?"

That was the question I was asked by a male colleague on the train home one evening.

My response was "Do you mean the 'smutty' one that everyone is talking about?"

"No" he said "It's the one about Allotments in Thurrock."


"You know....50 Sheds in Grays"

Yep folks, you are allowed to groan - I certainly did.

The only comment I can make is that at least a few more folk will actually know that Thurrock and Grays exist because it has been part of the route for the Olympic torch relay...

However, on the subject of those 'smutty' books...
...whoever did the PR for them seems to have done a pretty amazing job - there is hardly a person who hasn't heard about this trilogy (even my Mum **giggle** - not sure how they would come across on audio books). I hadn't heard of them until just over a week ago but that is probably because I haven't done much 'fiction' reading of late. I probably will read them at some point, just to see what all the 'hype' has been about.

Another week has flown by and the WRYWF has rolled around again. If you are not sure what this is, it is a lovely little band of folk who gather over at Virginia's blog to share the positives from their week.

At a time when there is so much pressure on everyone due to financial restraints it can be easy to lose sight of the good stuff that happens in life.

So how has my week been?

I've already posted about the fabulous class I attended on 30 June - a super day of inky messiness (I know - for someone who doesn't like getting messy I only seem to attend messy workshops LOL). I hope the weather is better for Andy in the Canary Islands cos he has certainly left us with some grotty stuff **chuckle**

Mum's eye is slowly improving, although it is still not good enough for her to do her jewellery making. However, she has found that she can manage her Japanese braiding and now has a box full of assorted coloured lengths ready for making into pendants & bracelets when she can see more clearly (her next check-up is on the 23rd so not too long to wait).

I travelled all the way up to Ipswich for a work meeting (2.5hrs each way) on Monday - certainly not a postitive but I did get to meet a couple of folk from our team that hadn't managed to attend the last meeting. I also got agreement for the next 'face2face' meeting to be held at my office - result!!!

Not much in the way of crafting this week. It was Thursday night crop and apart from stroking the new set of papers that we have for the new 4-week session it was certainly a chat night. Helen's shop has a lovely calming atmosphere - you walk through the door to be greeted by the lovely scent of the Yankee Candles displays and the beautifully lit crystals stand. It's a great place to un-wind if the week has been busy/hectic/stressful.

Copic Markers Europe have been celebrating their first birthday and I was lucky enough to win some candy - two Magnolia Doohicky dies - these are my first 'doohickies' so I will enjoy having a play. It was certainly lovely coming home on Friday to this super little package.

Saturday was basically Mum's day - we had a wander to various places that she fancied visiting. A stop off at Wickford enabled her to stock-up with jewellery findings at In2crafting (they had a DoCraft demo day and double points for card-holders, which I took advantage of). This then meant she had to buy more storage boxes at the little hardware store there. We decided to try a pub that we have passed a number of times for lunch. It was fabulous - lovely atmosphere and great food...I think we'll be going again. A quick stop a Barleylands and Mum stocked up on cotten yarn for her braiding and then off to Helen's where she bought a few more crystals, Although tired, Mum said she had a lovely day and we had been very lucky with the weather - all the downpours seemed to arrive whilst we were inside somewhere or other.

Well it's now Sunday and in case you hadn't noticed I am having a "Follower Candy" giveaway. If you are looking at this post before 7.30pm (BST) on Sunday 8 July you still have a chance to go in the hat - if you are a follower just leave a comment on the candy post...................................


Virginia said...

Oh Toni I great list, I did groan at the 50 sheds joke - honestly - I too haven't read these but do have one on my pile of reading to get to when I find the time. Your list was great - glad your Mum's eyes are improving and glad she's managing to do something whilst she's recovering - no idea what Japanese braiding is but sounds intricate.

Loving the inky workshop - it's always nice making a mess in someone else's space I find LOL!

Glad you managed a crop and some Mum and daughter time too - bliss - hope you're having a great weekend - we're about to head to shopping centre - my only question is why????? oh said 11 year old wants something - hey ho - let's hope it's not too busy - hence me dashing now to get dressed.


Clarky J said...

Fabulous List Toni - Im on book 2 of the trilogy - found I was shocked in the first one but and enjoying number 2 much more. The workshops and crop sound fabulous x have a fab week x J x

Myzdamena's World said...

Great list :)

The audio book is strange as it's read in an American accent so I stuck with the books... more English and smutty in my head as I read hehe

I read a thread on Facebook a couple of weeks ago where people were making up parts of 50 sheds of grey and it was a very amusing read :)

Great positives and I hope your Mum continues to improve


Sam said...

What a wonderful uplifting list!
I laughed at the 50 sheds joke, I have read all three and enjoyed them for what they were, a bit of erotica mixed in with a love many people on FB at the moment really slating them.
Sounds like a lovely day out with your mum and the crop sounds like good 'me' time.
Hope you have a lovely week x

Sabrina said...

Your posts brought me lots of smiles this morning. I love the thought of a messy workshop class. Is there any other kind? I can't work neatly no matter how I try!

I'm a bit muddled regarding the 50 Shades of Grey. I've seen it everywhere, but the only description I've gotten is from a skit on Saturday Night Live. You can imagine where that led!

Have a fabulous week ahead, and hopefully more time with your Mum who sounds so fun!

Carmen said...

Must admit to a groan and chuckle!

Fabulous list with lots of crafty stash and doings! Pub lunch - always a good thing ;)

Sorry I'm so late - I promise I'll be back earlier for this weeks :)