Monday, 23 July 2012

Stratford's in the Pink...

...well all the Olympic signs are.

This is pretty photo heavy so you might want to grab a coffee/tea/glass of wine...
On Friday the weather was pretty awful - high winds - sudden down pours...but the guys securing the drapes on this building just across the road from my office continued with their endeavours.
This was all they managed by the time I set off for home that evening.
Monday morning and the view from the Westfield steps - the tall building in the background is a side view of the one they were draping on Friday.
A quick shot of the entrance to the old shopping mall - surrounded by the 'trees'.
A fuzzy zoom shot of the draped building (the sun really wasn't at the best of angles for these photos).
I told you last week - "if it's still they're hanging something on it" - hanging baskets are appearing all round the place.
The view back towards the station from the new seating area - Robert the engine sits in pride of place proclaiming Stratford's railway history.
Did I mention pink signs?
A closer view of the draped building seen across the bus station - plenty of buses about.
Continuing on my way to work...
...with a bus thrown in for good measure.
Oh look, a pink sign **giggle**
This is the present view of the draped building from my window at work.
They were still tying it down as I left this evening but as you can see - this building is being covered on all sides.

Now my spelling can leave a lot to be desired from time to time but wouldn't you think if you had paid for a load of printed metal sheeting to cover the fencing around a building site you would have checked things like that? Apparently to my office there is due to be a 26 storey building. However, we are beginning to wonder if this is just a fairytale as their sign says "Coming soon to this site - 26 story apartment complex". Hope it has a happy ending.....................................


Virginia said...

Oh it's all coming together, do i gather the building they are covering isn't used? Otherwise it's inhabitants are going to feel a bit claustrophobic LOL! Hope you are having a great day - loving the story comment - really!

Linda said...

Must be a nightmare commuting, hope you don't have too many problems x

Lynn Stevens said...

WOW, Things are really hopping there! Just a few short days till it really starts heating up. I can imagine the crowds will be huge!!!
your story comment cracked me up!

Hey Toni be sure and wave to me when they start televising it. I'll be watching for you. LOL
hugs Lynn

Anonymous said...

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