Sunday, 29 July 2012

So it has...


Did you watch the opening ceremony?

What did you think?
I watched it and loved some bits not others. I've heard lots of mixed reactions one of which was that it was "Too British"...umm, I thought that was the whole point - we were trying to show the World what we have achieved and that we are proud to be British.

I sat glued to the whole event and then did the unspeakable...fell asleep just before Team GB entered the stadium **groan**. However, I did see the torch arrive and enter...wasn't it wonderful to have those youngsters sponsored by our previous champions - what a memory for them; to actually light the Olympic cauldron.

It seems as if everyone knows someone who took part or is related to someone who knows someone who took part - another way of making everyone feel that they were part of this amazing event.

Oh, and before anyone wonders how I managed to grab such a super shot of the glowing forged Olympic rings (especially as I wasn't there LOL) - I nabbed the piccy off Google.

So the Games have begun and there will be folk glued to their TVs for every event (as the majority will not have been lucky enough to get tickets) and others bemoaning the disruption to the TV schedules. For those not "into" the whole sporting thing - take advantage of the fact there will be less to distract you on the TV and get some crafting done.

Mum got me a "real" Kumihimo disk (thank you Susanna - finding out what this word means in Finnish made me giggle) and I've been quite busy...
...trying different colour combos and strand counts.
Just a few of the completed chords...
...waiting for me to decide what they are to be made into.

I treated myself to some natural coloured spun silk thread and I'm currently working with that. It is much finer than the cotton threads but so soft and shimmery. I think that I'll mix some copper findings with it to create a bracelet and necklace - but then again I might just change my mind by the time I finish the chord. Decisions, decisions.....................................

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