Sunday, 22 July 2012


...or otherwise known as Japanese braiding/chording.

Mum has been doing this for a while and is really enjoying the technique (especially as it is something that she can do even though her sight isn't too good at the moment). So I asked her to get me a disk (the item that you need to be able to do this craft) but as usual...I couldn't wait **now there's a surprise**

After a bit of web surfing about the subject I found a couple of sites where folk had come up with their own templates which they were sharing with the web.

A bit of printing off, transferring to heavy duty grey-board and some cutting out and there you have home-made Kumihimo disk.
I didn't have any cotton thread but thought I'd use some random dyed yarn just to have a play.
Mum has been doing 8-strand chords but I had a go at a 16-strand one. The extra strands make the chord slightly bigger and a bit firmer.
This is how the chord appears just below the disk as you criss-cross the threads above.

I've done a couple more since this one (even some using more than one colour yarn) and today I picked up my 'proper' disk from Mum's. I now have a selection of cotton threads and as Mum wanted to visit HobbyCraft today - I now have some 'findings' so I will be able to make the chords into bracelets or necklaces.

The technique is quite simple and relaxing - although it is possible to create more complicated designs using pattern charts...I'm quite happy doing the basic braiding and I'm currently doing an 8-strand chord - I will be trying a 12-strand one too once this one is finished.

With the Summer holidays now upon us it can be difficult keeping children occupied (especially if the weather is bad). This is very easy and a great way for using up some of that knitting yarn that you may have lurking in the cupboards. If you remember French Knitting then this can give a very similar effect - they can make themselves and their friends 'friendship' bracelets...and for the grown-ups; if you use cotton or silk yarns you can make some very pretty chords which you can turn into jewellery to go with those Summer outfits. Go on, give it a go. If you don't have a craft shop that stocks the disks near you, just Google and you will find a number of sites that will provide you with the printable templates for making your own. They will also provide you with the basic instructions too.

Have fun...I'd love to see what you come up with................................


Susanna said...

It just cracks me up every time.. how a japanese word also works in finnish.. only the meaning changes drastically.. if I literally translate kumihimo in finnish this means rubber lust.. :P

Virginia said...

Oh that's lovely Toni - great colours as well!

scrappyjen said...

Wow! Amazing - reminds me of finger knitting from when I was a child - but just so much cleverer! thanks for sharing. jenx

Michelle said...

It look great fun. Please bring it into the shop if you are passing on saturday so i can see what its like. Thanks Michelle x