Sunday, 29 July 2012


...which should have been done on Friday - but as you can see; it's Sunday.

(This week has just flown)

There are a small group of lovely folk who gather over at
Virginia's blog each week to share the good and positive things that have made up their week. Even if it seems like you have had a grotty time, if you sit down for a moment and just stop to think - you will be surprised at what gems you will recall.

I've had a very hectic week this week (hense the late post) but it has also been filled with elements of fun & excitement.

Saturday (last week) was fairly quiet after a week of Christmas challenges over at Catch the Bug - those had been the first Christmas cards that I have made this year (how naughty am I?) but I had enjoyed the fun of taking part and even better...I came 2nd in the overall Hop & Challenge which means I have a super set of Tropical Santa digis to play with and $30 to spend in their on-line store (I'm struggling something terrible as I just can't make up my mind - there are so many fun digis to choose from).

Sunday (last week) saw another trip to HobbyCraft so that Mum could stock up on more jewellery bits-n-pieces. Now HC is not my favourite store but I managed to spend a fair bit too as there were some lovely jewellery bits in the clearance. We then took ourselves off to the 'Shepherd & Dog' for a fabulous carvery meal. Mum had also bought me a proper Kumihimo disk and cut off loads of lengths of thread for me to play with so I had a very pleasant evening in front of the TV.

Monday and back to work - how can that be a positive? - well the preparations for the Olympics were continuing and Stratford was starting to look pretty amazing (greatly helped by the sunshine LOL). Lots of photo opportunities so I was very glad that I had my new camera.

Tuesday saw more photos - including one of me with a policeman - "it wasn't me officer; honest"

Wednesday was complete and utter chaos. For some reason head office have decided to launch a promotion exercise just as the main summer holidays are about to kick in - let alone the fact that there is that small sporting event going on which means the bulk of London based staff will be scattered to the 4 winds until September. So it was a bit 'headless chicken' time trying to get recommendations completed for all suitable folk before they disappeared and I went on leave - I did it!!!

Thursday was still pretty hectic as I needed to ensure that I had completed everything that needed to be completed before I started my leave. One of the girls organised lunch at the local Pizza Hut so we all had a chillout time together as a team.
It was then back to the office to make sure that everyone had all they required with them for the various locations they will be working from over the coming fortnight.

Friday required an early start (perhaps not the way you would think of starting a holiday) but it was all worth it. Friday was the start of the Pinnacle Crafts July member's weekend - 30% off for club members. I was there bright and early ready for the doors to open and I got the items I wanted...4 Marianne Design dies, a Clarity stamp and some odds-n-ends. Hopefully I'll get a chance to have a play during this two weeks off. I was all set for the opening ceremony of the Olympics and enjoyed seeing the amazing technology that was utilised to create the whole thing - we Brits can be pretty clever when we want to be and never let it be said that we don't know how to throw a party. Despite the doom & gloom of the weather forecasters - it was a glorious day and the rain held off - way to go Mother Nature.

Saturday (yesterday) and another outing with Mum. A stop off at Barleylands for the Farmer's Market and the sun was really does make a difference...the market was thronging and everyone looked happy & cheerful. A wander round Wickford and Mum was very happy with her purchases. Another visit to the Shepherd & Dog - I wonder if they have a frequent visitor scheme LOL - and then we rounded off the day with a stop at Helen's as I had a Kumihimo disk for her as a surprise. Whilst Mum sorted herself some lovely crystals I showed Helen how to use the disk and by the time we left she had about a third of a bracelet length completed. A generally lovely day - if a bit tiring.

Sunday (today) I'm trying to catch up with all my blog reading but the PC seems to be on a bit of a 'go-slow' (it doesn't seem to appreciate that it is me that is on holiday...LOL). I'm also having a PJ day and will probably chill for a while in front of the TV.

Hope you have all had a good week and an even better weekend. Why not hop over to Virigina's blog and see what other positives folk have found when they have taken a look at their week...........................................


Sue said...

Enjoy a restful day :) I work in a school , so my holiday started on Tuesday but i have given myself a LONG list of things i need to get done..I just hope I get half of them done.
Had to Google the disc that you were talking about - They look interesting - might get daughter to do one or two :)

Debbie said...

What a fab idea, to look back over the week and pick out the positives amidst the chaos! It certainly sounds as if you had a packed week, including some nice days with your mum, so hope you get a chance for a proper chill-out today!

Debbie x

Virginia said...

Oh I read this this morning but it wouldn't let me comment, I'm going to try again - it looks like you've had a busy week, glad you've now got some time away from work during the hectic Olympics! You sound like you've had some great time with your Mum as well this week - always a positive. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your break and get lots of crafting done.


Carmen said...

I'm late too! Seriously WHERE has the week gone? Yours sounds fabulous if busy, busy, busy! I love that you spent so much time with your Mum and both getting some bargains by the sound of it!

Have a fab week :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh girl you've had a busy week. I was wondering how you were getting on with the Olympics going on, Nice that you have the time off. I watched the opening Ceremonies!!! Boy you guys really did it up right, the best I've ever seen! Enjoy your time off
Hugs Lynn

Claireliz said...

Wow what an eventful week.
c x