Friday, 13 July 2012

Rocking your World...

...Friday is here again (is it really a whole week since it was here last).
Over at Virginia's blog a little band of folk gather each week to reflect on the positive things that have taken place in their lives during the course of the previous 7 days. At a time when it is so easy to get bogged down with the negative things in life it can be very up-lifting to focus on the positives.
I work in Stratford East London and this is where the 2012 Olympics will be taking place. It is certainly something to be here and feel the atmosphere build as we get closer to the Games - I even have my very own banners (well sort of) just outside the window by my desk. Everywhere is taking on such a celebratory image...I really don't want to think about how dull things will look when it's all over.
Although I was sad that my camera decided to give up the ghost this week I am so happy with the new little point & shoot that I have. This image covers the side of the office block above the Westfield centre and a week ago I would have only been able to dream of capturing this on my camera...
...I can even get a complete view of the images adorning the front of the station.
Even those grotty 'trees' look better...
...and this is the Aquatic centre. Previous attempts to capture this have only resulted in a blury smudge in the distance so all in all (despite the cost) I am very happy with my new camera.

Also connected with work, my previous boss paid us a visit and we all went out for a very pleasant lunch at the local Chinese buffet restaurant. It was really great being able to chat with someone who has a really good common sense approach to things and it was very encouraging to hear him express the same views that I have held about a number of proposed changes at work - I have been feeling very isolated since the re-organisation and change of managemnt structure. It made me feel that my views weren't so daft afterall and very much justified in the circumstances.

The winner of my "Follower candy" sent me the most wonderful email when she received her goodies - it was such a lovely feeling to think that I had been able to share something nice with someone.

My latest visit to the lovely
Paula and her blog sparked a bit of thought. She had been looking at things that have been a constant in her life since an early age and how she saw that fitting in with who she is as a person. It was very interesting and got me thinking about constants in my own life. This is what I came up with...

CRAFTING/CREATING - I really don't remember a time when I didn't make things. When I was small my early attempts at knitting were put to use dressing my dolls. Cardmaking/papercrafts/sewing/art, have all been part of my life in some form or another whether it has been for pleasure or necessity (homemade soft furnishings have often been the only practical answer when moving into a new home).
PHOTOGRAPHY - not something that I have ever been particularly brilliant at but I love having pictures to remind me of things. My very first camera was a a Kodac Instamatic (the sort that had a film cartridge that you just slotted in) which I won at Junior school as one of the first prize winners in the Annual Road Safety Colouring competition. I think I still have it tucked away somewhere as it holds too many memories to throw away.
SOUVENIRS/COLLECTIONS - I think I have always loved having collections of things...colouring pencils, sewing threads, china thimbles, teddy bears, alcohol pens (now there's a surprise LOL). Postcards and/or books about places I have visited. I can remember spending hours as a child sorting my Venus colouring pencils into the correct order - I probably spent more time doing this than actually colouring with them.
MUSIC/MUSICALS - there was always music in our house whether it be Classical/Swing/Jazz/Easy Listening or Pop. I don't think I have ever favoured just one type - it doesn't really matter what the style; if I like it - I like it. Music was something I could lose myself in and led to me learning to play a few different instruments when I was at school (not something I kept up but enjoyed at the time). Music and Musicals were probably the reason that I took up dancing - Ballet/Tap/Modern/Jazz/Classical - I would have loved to have pursued this as a career but unfortunately, after an initial spurt of growth most of my peers caught me up and passed me by and I found that there really wasn't much call for folk of 5ft4ins...most dance troops at the time wanted tall (close to 6ft) willowy beings. I have to say, even now my favourite films are musicals and the likes of Fred & Ginger, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby (Christmas isn't Christmas without a showing of "White Christmas") still keep me entertained and my feet itching to join in.

Looking over these things that have been constants in my life they all seem to have an element of creativity about them. They are also things that have been encouraged by my Mum and in a lot of instances have been things that I could share with her. Creativity means positivity to me so this was something really productive to stop and think about - thank you Paula for the prompt.

So overall, this has been a pretty positive week...most of the 'downs' have led to improvements or 'ups'.

It is so easy to be grumpy and look at the negative things but if you stop to think for a moment or two it can be pretty amazing what comes to mind..................



Hello :) I think I dropped by on a good post :) got to learn lots of your interests all in one go. Coventry doesn't feel much a part of the Olympics and still feel sad that we didn't manage to get tickets for any of the London events........ Hubby and son are going to watch Belaruis(?) v New Zealand - trying to manage a 4 year old from 19:00 hours (or bedtime as I think of it) through at least 2 hours of live football, no thanks..........

Virginia said...

Oh Toni a lovely post - I've seen more of the Olympic build up through your blog than I've seen on the news - honestly! I agree with you though worrying about post event, they need to keep the area positive! Will watch with interest as the olympics unfold! Glad your new camera despite its costs is already being put through its paces!

Also loved reading your life constants - smiled at the camera and the road safety competition comment - I had my first camera - a disk camera that my Mum got me through embassy cigarette coupons - speaks volumes doesn't it - but not been without a camera ever since! Might have to consider my constants too.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead - much love

Carmen said...

I love Danny Kaye. Growing up when we would watch the Saturday afternoon films I would always say people like Danny Kaye and Jerry Lewis were the famous men I admired because they made me laugh. Of course, none of my friends had a clue who they were!

Great post - glad you are falling in love with your new camera - makes such a difference doesn't it?

Have a lovely week x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wonderful project to focus on positive on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing your view (literally) of the Olimpics. It´s super cool.
Thanks for the nice mention and playing along. It´s lovely getting to know you better. I do remember that type of cameras! I had one when I was 12. It was cream and orange coloured dream come true. :D

Sam said...

Lovely post and I enjoyed seeing all the photos of the olympic preperations!
Great list of constants too.
Hope you have a great week x

Sarah said...

I have to say I rather like the "grotty trees" :) I've only seen them in passing from the train but I thought they were rather funky looking. I take it they aren't too popular amongst the locals then?

Glad you are loving your new camera, my other half got a new point and shoot today too and it's SO much better than our old one - 18x zoom, wow!

And that "life constants" thing is interesting....I'm not entirely sure I have any, other than maybe music.... thanks for sharing yours

have a great week!

Joanna said...

What a lovely post, Toni. It's interesting to read your 'take' on the Olympics - you must be getting a totally different impression because you are working in the thick of it.

I am glad you were able to have a good chat with your previous boss, it must help to know that you aren't being daft, even if you won't be able to change anything.

Interesting list of 'constants'.

Have a great weekend,