Saturday, 20 June 2015

Three years ago...

...East London played host to the 2012 Olympics.

Three years - how time flies.

Next year the 'Games' will be rolling around over in Rio.

In 2012, Stratford was bustling. The area was 'alive' and excitement filled the air. The Olympic park was full of people milling about making their way from one venue to another - then the Games came to an end and everything seemed to shut down

The Park and the Stratford City regeneration area was supposed to reopen in phases but although a lot of building work is still on going and most of the Park is now open to the public...some of the facilities appear to have been mothballed for the time-being.

I never had tickets for any of the events and despite working right next door to the Park, I had never been there...until Friday.

I took an extended lunch with a colleague and we went for a brief wander.

This is The Orbit that was created as a permanent piece of sculpture to remain after the Games had ended...
 ...I had only seen this through the gap in a couple of tower blocks near to my office. Up close, I have to say it hasn't weathered well over the 3 years and looks in need of a good clean and a coat of paint.
The aquatic centre on the other hand looks very impressive... was given a new roof and sits proudly overlooking the canal. It has been open to the public for some time and some of my colleagues go there regularly for a swimming session.
The stadium can be seen right from the entrance to the Park...
...however, it is boarded off and I can only presume that this is in preparation for West Ham United football club taking up residence in late 2016 when the 2016/17 season starts.
There is a traditional carousel in the children's activity area...
 ...and a good view of the canal...
...where on occasion, you can go for a boat ride.

There seemed to be quite a few school parties just wandering about and quite a few folk doing the 'tourist' thing.

Although the weather wasn't brilliant, it was very pleasant over there but all too soon it was time to return to work.

Access to the Park is not too far from the office, so I think I could be wandering over there occasionally if we get some decent weather................................................................

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