Sunday, 10 January 2016

I finally managed... catch up with my friend Hilary.

With the way that Christmas & New Year fell this year, there was quite a break between classes over at Barleylands. As a result, Hilary & I just didn't seem to be able to sort a day when we could get together.

Hilary had a parchment class on Friday so it seemed the only opportunity we were going to get.

As she had missed me before Christmas she decided to make me this beautiful New Year card...
...the colour is lovely and there are lots of sparkly bits.

At the moment, there is no café at Barleylands. It was under temporary management up until Christmas Eve and now it is closed for the whole of January whilst the new management refurbish ready to re-open. There is quite a bit of excitement as it is thought that it will be the same folk who run the tea-rooms over at the Tiptree Jam factory (fabulous jams & chutneys). It will be fabulous if they have an area selling the Tiptree produce.

So things to look forward to but in the meantime, nowhere to go and sit over a coffee for a natter.

There is a burger van on site providing hot drinks & snacks but in this weather, who wants to sit out in the cold on wet benches.

Member's weekend will be taking place at the end of January and it looks like Hilary & I will have to come up with an alternative plan of action for our day. We normally 'shop', break for coffee & toast - 'shop', break for lunch and then she has her parchment lesson and I have another browse before going home...just in case I've missed or forgotten something LOL

I'm sure we will come up with something.........................................................................


Virginia said...

Oh a craft purchasing, catch up day sounds bliss, I'm sure you'll find a way around the tea-shop issue!

Sandra said...

Yes you don't want to sit out in the cold, but where there's a will, there's a way lol