Monday, 11 January 2016

The knitting is...

...progressing well.

For those who asked, here is a definition of what a 'snood' is: -

an ornamental hairnet or fabric bag worn over the hair at the back of a woman's head.
"her blonde hair was held in place by a velvet-mesh snood"
a wide ring of knitted material worn as a hood or scarf.
The knitting pattern that I have been using makes up into a ring scarf and is not large enough to pull up over the head as well - to my mind it is more of a cowl neck band rather than a snood but it would seem current definitions link both styles under the term 'snood'.
This was an odd ball of Debby Bliss DK Rialto Print that I picked up at the Craft Arena sale. I would have preferred another ball to make it a bit deeper but it is lovely and soft and will do the job.

I'm still doing some more fingerless mittens...
...and for this pair I'm trying the lace pattern over the whole of the mitten - we'll see how it turns out.

I really must learn to pace myself more when knitting - I tend to get stuck into a piece and then regret it the following day when the old fingers start to complain LOL

I have some really pretty yarns that I want to tryout so can't see me easing up any time soon - groaning fingers or not...................................................


sue jones said...

They look so pretty and lovely and warm :) ( Feeling a bit chilly atm ha ha) sorry your fingers are sore xx

Lori said...

Your projects are looking lovely! I envy you knowing how to knit. Lauren tried to teach me, but I just can't get the hang of it - mine is so sloppy!! Happy New Year to you!

Sandra said...

I can fully understand though how you get carried away with knitting. Once you start a project you enjoy, you just want to see it through

aussie aNNie said...

Looking good.xx

Stef H said...

this is way cool.... over long hair! you have many talents my friend.

happy january!

hugs :)